• Just Flight Has New Previews Of 146 Professional

    Just Flight Has New Previews Of 146 Professional

    146 Professional X-Plane Update - reaching and working through the final stages of the development process currently here are a set of screenshots showing off some of the most recent additions.

    Shots show:

    • AviTab (EFB) integration – a popular freeware EFB.
    • Cockpit night lighting.
    • Avionics/systems progress, e.g. VSI/TCAS, brake temperature indicator, WXR.
    • New animations such as variable pilot and jump-seat positions, and cabin doors/stairs (with 2D control panel).
    • Passenger cabin/galley area.

    We'll get asked this so the answer is 'sometime next month is the current target but that's not a guarantee'.

    Product Page

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