• MSFS February 11th, 2021 – Development Update

    MSFS February 11th, 2021 – Development Update

    World Update 3 is in its final polish phase and is now locked in for release on Tuesday, February 16th. The team is putting the finishing touches on all aspects of this massive update, and we appreciate your continued patience.

    Feedback Snapshot

    Microsoft Flight Simulator Feedback Snapshot

    Microsoft Flight Simulator Feedback Snapshot

    Microsoft Flight Simulator Feedback Snapshot

    SDK Update


    • Fixed some warning formatting in the Aircraft Editor.
    • Removed the option to change Landmark display name (as it was causing issue at the packaging stage).
    • Completed transition to new help building system.


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    1. am63820's Avatar
      am63820 -
      hate to keep beating what appears to be a dead horse but will the ai pilot ever get fixed
    1. loki's Avatar
      loki -
      Looks like AI bugs are listed at #21 on the top wishes list, but work hasn't started yet. Presumably as other items on the list are cleared off, they will get to that one.
    1. piet06273's Avatar
      piet06273 -
      is that polish as from Poland, or as in shining bright..........?
    1. mooneys982's Avatar
      mooneys982 -
      hopefully the latter, but no day saint's
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