• Lionheart Creations - Trinidad TB21 GT for MSFS

    Lionheart Creations - Trinidad TB21 GT for MSFS


    This is the sleek, high performance French 4 seater 'Trinidad' by Socata Aerospace in France. This 250 HP Turbocharged Edition of the Trinidad line, the TB-21 GT, is a fast cruiser, hitting cruise speeds of 200 MPH or 180+ knots. Some were fitted with oxygen systems for high altitude cruising, up to 25,000 feet ASL. She was designed with a very advanced interior with automotive style instrument panel featuring 'instrument pods' similar to the Lotus Esprit and Lamborghini Countach of that era. Even today, her instrument panel design is more advanced in appearence to other manufacturers.

    Lionheart Creations - Trinidad TB21 GT for MSFS


    • 22 (twenty two) different paint schemes!
    • 3 different interior themes: gray, tan, neon euro blue
    • Extreme detail virtual cockpit with updated and modified mesh, mapping, and graphics
    • Disappearing control yoke for visibility
    • Extreme high-resolution textures in PBR format complete with bump mapping
    • Asobo high end avionics including their GNS530 and GNS430 GPS systems
    • Sound pack is also an Asobo creation with some incredible sound effects that only MSFS sound systems feature which include bumping sounds, performance maneuver 'groans' from the airframe, and other cool effects
    • Fold up arm rests

    Lionheart Creations - Trinidad TB21 GT for MSFS

    Lionheart Creations - Trinidad TB21 GT for MSFS

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    1. bjornkeizers's Avatar
      bjornkeizers -
      Frankly... I'd hold off on this one for another round or two of bug fixes.

      Definitely read the fine print on this one - there's a lot of stuff not working/buggy as of right now. The always-on night lighting really does look horrible both during the day and night, which they do warn you about. There's also no lighting levels: it's full brightness or none at all, which is just annoying with night nightling.

      Other things are just weird - the glass reflection on/off doesn't work, it just rotates a knob when I hold it. Other niggles like the manual showing non-existent audio panels and different instruments is just sloppy.

      It does overall look pretty good, but the full on lighting really does detract from it quite a bit. I also feel the performance isn't quite where I'd expect it to be. For example, the ATSimulations Piaggio looks better to my eyes while being far easier on the FPS.

      That said, I'm sure Lionheart will continue to improve this one. But right now... it's staying in the hanger.
    1. N069NT's Avatar
      N069NT -
      Well it's a work in progress and that's okay. I'd like to see developers like Lionheart for the Flight Sim community do what gaming developers do for the PC gaming community and offer an early-release license buy in as a volunteer beta tester. The developers of Project Cars, Slightly Mad Studios, did exactly this (the first one for the PC circa 2015). I bought into it for $30 or half the retail release when finished. Got to play it a half year and give input before going gold at $60. And it had a LOT of input to be given and updates to be downloaded in that time. Final result? One of the best racing sim games ever for the PC. Did the same thing for Codemasters and Dirt Rally for the PC as an early license buy in.

      I wonder if flight sim software developers could benefit from that business model (and yes, I understand why Microsoft was on the lottery ticket model for Beta testers for MSFS for demand). A big factor for me as a simmer is night flying and controlling cockpit lighting just like in the real world. Nobody wants flashlights in their eyes when flying at night (or driving a car). That said, I remember reading about this aircraft in the 1980s in Flying Magazine when I was learning how to fly and always wished my aero club had one. The Trinidads and Tobagos were the Cirrus' of their day standing out in a sea of Skyhawks and Warriors on the flight school tarmacs. What really appealed to me was the way the cockpit was laid out more like a sports car with a center console for power controls and a center stack with each front seat having its own flight instrument panel separate. Way ahead of its time which today is taken for granted with two or three glass panels of Garmin aircraft.

      I hope they get this panel lighting fixed because I'm checking off the aftermarket aircraft to buy - and scenery payware - when I can finally get a 3000 series RTX in my hand to start my MSFS PC build!
    1. tja's Avatar
      tja -
      I think people need to cut Bill a bit of slack with this one.

      I have personally been in touch with the guy; I pointed out an issue with the installer for him. Did you know he's a one man band on these aircraft? So for him, this really is a labor of love. In fact, I'm not entirely sure that he was even going to do this aircraft; I recall dropping him a line about wanting to see it many months ago.

      Added to that, apparently ASOBO has still not released all of the SDK, so for some developers it's pushing sh*t uphill. Also, not so easy to port other aircraft into the new sim. Read some forums. Sure, you can get the visual model in, but flight model, panel, VC are all problematic.

      I'm endorsed on type, and I can say this about this release: IT FLIES RIGHT. To me, I can overlook some missing things for this alone. And visually, it's still a beautiful aircraft. I hope that Bill also decides to do the Bellanca Viking too. I marvel sometimes as to why several software houses will all release the same aircraft. Where's the variety?

      Last week I sent a message to Carenado, specifically for them the resurrect their Commander 114. Why? Because it's different. Not sure if they will, but it would be nice. Again, another aircraft I have real time on. In the meantime, I will also encourage the smaller developers like Lionheart, as well as the kudos that I give to the awesome freeware developers out there.

      And in regards to the price, happy to pay that, for me it's the cost of a couple of beers. Put things into perspective guys.


    1. bjornkeizers's Avatar
      bjornkeizers -
      Sure, big respect to Bill in general. Trying to push an aircraft out the hangar for MSFS is like trying to build a house on quicksand. That said, I personally prefer a 'do it right' versus 'do it fast' approach. If you can't get the basic stuff right, delay it until you can get it right. It's why we're not seeing anything more complex out there in terms of addons, precisely because a lot of crucial sim infrastructure is still being built. And yeah, sometimes that means working from scratch.

      I get that developers want to generate income from the sim, especially as people are transitioning to this and thus curbing spending on other sims. Being first to market with a type is lucrative. But it's also causing some bad decision making in my opinion.

      I'd love to see Carenado bring over the Commanders. As well as their Fokker, Saab, ATR and Shorts. Because there's a giant regional-turboprop-sized hole in my sim right now.
    1. tja's Avatar
      tja -
      Fully with what you are saying. But once again, I will jump on the one developer point I made.

      As well as that, the asking price I feel was very little indeed.

      Also waiting for the same aircraft as you have listed :-)
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