• Aeroplane Heaven Previews Douglas DC-3 For MSFS

    Aeroplane Heaven Previews Douglas DC-3 For MSFS

    An evening flight to test materials and textures in the VC.

    Aeroplane Heaven Previews Douglas DC-3 For MSFS

    Aeroplane Heaven Previews Douglas DC-3 For MSFS

    The Douglas DC-3 is a propeller-driven airliner which had a lasting effect on the airline industry in the 1930s/1940s and World War II. It was developed as a larger, improved 14-bed sleeper version of the Douglas DC-2. It is a low-wing metal monoplane with conventional landing gear, powered by two radial piston engines of 1,000-1,200 hp (750-890 kW). Many continue to see service in a variety of niche roles: 2,000 DC-3s and military derivatives were estimated to be still flying in 2013.

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    1. squiremel's Avatar
      squiremel -
      Fabulous !!
    1. felixfer's Avatar
      felixfer -
      Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
    1. max327's Avatar
      max327 -
      Nice. I want it!
    1. ryogahibiki345's Avatar
      ryogahibiki345 -
      If only we could get A2A to make one, then we'd really be set.
    1. Josette's Avatar
      Josette -
      YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Can't wait to have ........
    1. AlyMac's Avatar
      AlyMac -
      Looks FAB
    1. phncn's Avatar
      phncn -
      Study level?
    1. Huddison's Avatar
      Huddison -
      This looks incredible - cant wait!
    1. lawlegge's Avatar
      lawlegge -
      Man. My fav a/c to fly...it's just my speed...lol...

      Yeah. What's up with A2A ? They should have been all over MSFS. Hello Scott ? Are you out there ?...

      OK. To answer my own question, they are working on the Aerostar 600. From their site:

      Because Microsoft Flight Simulator and the Accu-Sim v4 tools are still in development, it’s too early for us to know with any certainty how long it will take to complete this first project.

      However once the Aerostar 600 is released, it will represent the first airplane created with the new Accu-Sim v4 toolset, so successive aircraft developed will take less time to reach the same level of quality.
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