• VSKYLABS - 2021 Development News Flash

    VSKYLABS - 2021 Development News Flash

    Year 2021 is going to be SUPER EXCITING here at the 'labs, as several exciting projects are having a good progress, racing each-other while in advanced development stages! These include the VSKYLABS F-19 Stealth Fighter, VSKYLABS XF-85, VSKYLABS CT/4, and several more UNANNOUNCED project...

    Projects development management (existing and upcoming) derive some tough development priorities-management, as the updates plans for the existing projects, and the development plans of the upcoming projects are racing each-other constantly.

    Depending on project complexity and X-Plane related challenges, not all of the mentioned projects will reach the release point within 2021. This is unfortunate, but development of a single complete aircraft add-on is an effort of months and even years!

    So it takes time...

    Around the end of 2020 / Beginning of 2021, THREE major existing project updates were released: VSKYLABS Rutan LongEZ v3.0, VSKYLABS Guimbal Cabri G2 v2.0 and the VSKYLABS Tecnam P2006T / 2021 (v7.0). These updates included a high and extensive upgrade/update scope. Additional existing VSKYLABS projects are scheduled for updates during 2021!

    VSKYLABS - 2021 Development News Flash

    Back to 2021: One of the upcoming releases is the VSKYLABS Aeroprakt A22-LS Project, which was announced back in June 2019, and is under development since then. It is a robust LSA/Experimental aircraft known as the 'Foxbat'. Development will soon be hitting the target level-of-detail requirements for the project visuals aspects. Deep flight testing phase will soon begin, and the project will introduce superb flying characteristics, performance and handling qualities of the A22-LS. Full VR compatibility and authentic FMOD pack are included!

    Another upcoming, fascinating project, which is under development on-and-off since 2015(!), has finally reached advanced development stages and being announced NOW. It is a classic 'VSKYLABS':

    Just like with the VSKYLABS LongEZ Project, it is being developed after having permission from Mr. Burt Rutan! (To note that it is an independent VSKYLABS project which is not related and/or affiliated and/or endorsed with/by Mr. Burt Rutan). The project is the Rutan Model 158 ('Pond Racer'). Because there is a low number of officially-released data resources regarding this aircraft, tons of research and thinking were "invested" into the development of this fascinating project, with the goal of creating a fully functional, highly authentic 'Rutan Model-158' simulation, and at the the same time to professionally cover the 'dead-spots' that exists in the available information and data in terms of systems, cockpit design and so forth. This VSKYLABS projects is nothing else than a fascinating, scientific and research-based journey into the Rutan Model-158 design.

    There are several more projects that were not mentioned in this news flash. Some are still defined as UNANNOUNCED at this point, and will be announced in the near future.

    Stay tuned for more development news, SURPRISES, and upcoming releases...SOON!


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    1. b52bob's Avatar
      b52bob -
      Have always loved this company. The make some great, if obscure, aircraft. My favorite is the long-ez. Just wish there were some repaints for it. Looking forward to see what the future brings to us.
    1. JohnnyJohnJohn's Avatar
      JohnnyJohnJohn -
      Saw XPlane. Then thought, well I use MSFS. Sad they don't branch out.
    1. b52bob's Avatar
      b52bob -
      Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyJohnJohn View Post
      Saw XPlane. Then thought, well I use MSFS. Sad they don't branch out.
      downloaded msfs, flew it, looked at the pretty pictures, back to xp-11. Glad they support Xp-11
    1. oleandreasen's Avatar
      oleandreasen -
      Quote Originally Posted by b52bob View Post
      downloaded msfs, flew it, looked at the pretty pictures, back to xp-11. Glad they support Xp-11
      My thoughts exactly!
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