• Virtualcol Update 1.8.2 for Beechcraft 99 Series MSFS

    Virtualcol - Beechcraft Model 99 Series for MSFS

    After the launch of our product, we received several suggestions to modify things in our model. We thank all the customers and people who helped us by indicating the problems and inconveniences that they found, and most importantly, your kind patience and understanding.

    It is very important to understand that this is a new Flight Simulator, several things, especially operational development, have changed compared to previous simulators and the SDK is not yet complete, so it has not been easy for any of us who develop to publish a product completely finished and working properly, especially those that are not type PROP airplanes, because only for these type of airplanes exist enough written information, video and examples, but for cases such as TUBROPROP or JET, there are still many doubts that it has not been possible to be easily resolved, especially on the subject of sounds.

    The new version 1.82 includes:

    • Sound issues and volume solved
    • Flaps issues fixed
    • Engines power solved
    • VOR2 indicator set with NAV2
    • Error in external model mapping of fin below v-tail
    • Color propeller and fuel condition levers, changed
    • Flight dynamics fixed
    • Toe brakes inverted solved
    • Camera views fixed

    At this time still continue a problem with ADF frequencies because we are using the code indicated by Asobo in its SDK, but at this time it was not possible the needle of our gauge detecting it.

    If you consider other issues to solve, please contact us to our e-mail [email protected].

    FlightSim.Com Store Customers: Like every product in our store, you can always get the latest version simply by downloading it again. Login to your store account and click on "My Account". There you will find download links for all your purchases. Just download and install again to update to the latest version.

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    1. Affenmann's Avatar
      Affenmann -
      Took it for a spin: sound is still bad, just louder. If you pull the power to idle during level flight, the deceleration is next to non existent. So I don't know what exactly they want to have fixed, but the aircraft is still unflyable. Biggest disappointment I ever had with flightsim payware.
    1. Aviation392's Avatar
      Aviation392 -
      I like the build. I might suggest, brighten up the gauge lights / old eyes here / and I noticed in 3rd person view, the throttle percentage does not display, 0% is what I saw.
    1. talnes's Avatar
      talnes -
      I will not buy this before the plane are in MARKETPLACE in MSFS. I have buy som things in ORBX and secure.simmarket.com. And they slow at update. I have some purcase in MARKETPLACE in MSFS and they are update rapetly. And easyer to spot when update. You don`t have to log into their site for controll of update.
    1. franzair's Avatar
      franzair -
      Have got the aircraft and it runs well when put trough its paces. Flight dynamics are spot on. Cockpit may need some improvements. Hope maybe some update for the cockpit. Price for the aircraft is good. Overall - well done. Now like to wait for a Piper Warrior with King Radios.
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