• Review: Orbx Hollywood Burbank Airport for MSFS

    Review: Orbx Hollywood Burbank Airport for MSFS

    By MrYorkiesWorld

    Orbx - KBUR Hollywood Burbank Airport for MSFS 2020


    Hello again everyone, my name is MrYorkiesWorld, and in this article I'm going to be reviewing Orbx' Hollywood Burbank Airport (KBUR) for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

    It's been a while since my last written or video review as I decided to take a few months out of the flight sim world and focus on some more important, family orientated issues of my own. Suffice to say though, I'm glad to be back again and ready to go with this amazing piece of scenery from Orbx.

    I'd like to thank my friends over at FlightSim.Com for providing this piece of scenery for review purposes, it truly is a great piece of scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

    So, Hollywood Burbank Airport, also known as Bob Hope Airport carries the ICAO code of KBUR (Kilo, Bravo, Uniform, Romeo).

    Orbx - KBUR Hollywood Burbank Airport for MSFS 2020

    Now as per the Orbx web site, Hollywood Burbank Airport is one of the primary airports of the Los Angeles area, with mainline carriers flying to destinations across the US. As the closest airport to downtown LA and the major film studios, it is also highly popular with corporate traffic, as well as being a major cargo hub for FedEx and UPS.

    It really is a great looking airport with some amazing surrounding scenery and I'm very excited to get into this review.


    Performance-wise, this airport is actually pretty good. I loaded into the simulator with the FlyByWire A320 at different times of day, and was able to get anywhere between 35 and 55 fps, which is perfectly acceptable in a simulator at least in my opinion.

    Orbx - KBUR Hollywood Burbank Airport for MSFS 2020

    Everything was really smooth minus the obvious issues that Flight Simulator is having right now in terms of micro-stuttering and scenery loading, and this was the case across all weather types and times of day as well.

    When loading into the scenery itself with the A320 Neo, it only took around 30 seconds or so for me, although this can obviously vary depending on what else you've got running on your computer at the time, etc.

    Some of the shots taken with the drone camera did seem a little choppy but again this might be down to the performance of the simulator in general right now, and not necessarily this particular piece of scenery.

    Orbx - KBUR Hollywood Burbank Airport for MSFS 2020

    For those of you interested in what hardware I'm using here, I use the 9900k overclocked to 5GHz along with 32GB of RAM and the RTX 2080TI. All of the drives on my PC are also SSD and so it's important to factor this in when comparing my performance to that of your own. I'm also using High - Ultra settings in the simulator on a 1080p 60 Hz display.

    Overall though I was really impressed with the performance that this piece of scenery has in the sim. It's definitely playable and manageable, nice and smooth overall.

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