• Virtualcol - Beechcraft Model 99 Series for MSFS Update v1.5

    Virtualcol - Beechcraft Model 99 Series for MSFS

    The Beech 99 is an evolution of the successful Queen Air and King Air series, and shares the King Air's basic powerplant and layout, but otherwise is a new design, with a significantly lengthened cabin with greater seating capacity. Design of the 99 began in the late 1960s, in part to find a replacement for the venerable Beech 18. In December 1965 a stretched fuselage Queen Air was flown for the first time, while the Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6 powered prototype model 99 made its first flight in July 1966. The first customer aircraft was delivered in May 1968, the series then known as the Commuter 99.

    Virtualcol - Beechcraft Model 99 Series for MSFS

    At the time the 99 was Beech's largest aircraft yet and Beech was optimistically forecasting a production rate of 100 per year. Subsequent models were the A99, A99A and B99, with differing powerplants, sub models and weights. The B99 was available in two variants, the B99 Airliner and the B99 Executive, a corporate transport version with seating for between eight and 17 passengers.

    Production of early models was halted in 1975, and it was not until 1979 that the improved C99 Commuter (plus the larger 1900) was announced as part of Beech's return to the commuter airliner market. A converted B99 fitted with P&WC PT6A34 engines served as the C99 prototype and flew in this form for the first time on June 20 1980. Production aircraft featured PT6A36 engines, and deliveries recommenced following certification, both in July 1981. Shortly afterwards it became known as the C99 Airliner. C99 production ceased in 1986.

    Virtualcol - Beechcraft Model 99 Series for MSFS

    After the launch of our product, we received several suggestions to modify things in our model. We thank all the customers and people who helped us by indicating the problems and inconveniences that they found, and most importantly, your kind patience and understanding.

    It is very important to understand that this is a new Flight Simulator, several things, especially operational development, have changed compared to previous simulators and the SDK is not yet complete, so it has not been easy for any of us who develop to publish a product completely finished and working properly, especially those that are not type PROP airplanes, because only for these type of airplanes exist enough written information, video and examples, but for cases such as TUBROPROP or JET, there are still many doubts that it has not been possible to be easily resolved, especially on the subject of sounds.

    The new version 1.5 includes:

    • Sound issues and volume solved
    • Flaps issues fixed
    • Engines power solved
    • VOR2 indicator set with NAV2
    • Error in external model mapping of fin below v-tail
    • Color of central levers, changed
    • Flight dynamics fixed

    At this time still continue a problem with ADF frequencies because we are using the code indicated by Asobo in its SDK, but at this time it was not possible the needle of our gauge detecting it.

    If you consider other issues to solve, please contact us to our e-mail [email protected].

    FlightSim.Com Store customers, as always, can get the update simply by logging into your store account, clicking on "My Account", and downloading and installing the product again.

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    1. drmiller2's Avatar
      drmiller2 -
      The GPS bezel Needs to be removed from the panel dash and put into the panel also you need to change the bezel to the default MSFS Bezel so CDI and other nav features can be utilized witch it would seem you did not do in this update I have been buying VOC aircraft for FS2004 FSX P3d for years but If this is the quality you put out for MSFS you can do better It also needs to have door animations window cargo ext....
    1. cmac's Avatar
      cmac -
      As of Jan 19, 2020, after repeatedly installing the latest version. Toe brakes are still reversed. Left is right and right is left. Hmmmmmm
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