• FSAddon Publishing Closing Its Doors

    FSAddon Publishing Closing Its Doors

    Dear all,

    first of all let me wish you a Merry Christmas, even when in lockdown or otherwise limited. Hopefully, you are all still healthy. Also hopefully, next year will see a return to normalcy, and no, not the "new normal", the regular one. Here's hoping.

    Talking about next year...the reason I am writing to you is that I have decided to stop my commercial activities under FSAddon Publishing. It is getting too expensive, and too much work. Too much for the time I still have to spend on it, and too much for my age, I guess. Even though we are spending most of the time at home here in Italy, forced by the circumstances, I seem to be running out of time most every day. I guess the slower tempo of living and moving has to do with it.

    Anyway, after all these years of FSAddon it is a tough decision. But with the advent of the new MSFS the sales have now dropped to almost nothing, and the cost of the web sites has not gone down. So it just does not make sense to continue. Most of my work these days is responding to former customers who managed to lose their downloads and request new links and registration keys.

    As of January 1st the Shopify Shop will be off-line. It also means support for previously sold products will be a problem because I am not continuing the almost daily efforts I still put in currently. More like once a week. And over some time the server contracts holding the software will also lapse, making the downloads no longer available.

    It has been a long road, sometimes bumpy, never boring, and I think together with my developers we have brought some joy to flightsimmers all over the world.

    I will now try and build my own home cockpit before it is too late and either Covid or old age catches up. You will still find me on various forums from time to time.

    Best regards,
    Francois Dumas
    FSAddon Publishing

    1. Roger Wensley's Avatar
      Roger Wensley -
    1. huskydude's Avatar
      huskydude -
      Concur with Roger. Real sorry to see you "feather your props" at FSAddon. I've really appreciated Tongass Fjords and Misty Fjords, and of course FS Cargo. Was really hoping to see a Misty Fjords for FSX.

      Best to you and your family, good flying my friend.

      Warmest regards, Husky
    1. stretch's Avatar
      stretch -
      Hate to see them go. We'll most likely see more of this. The new sim is not add on friendly as we've seen so far. A lot of scenery add-on available, not so much as far as aircraft go. On the up side I hope to see new add on developers emerge as the simulator expands and gets more polished.

      Thank you FSAddon for many years of great products!
      Cheers and clear skies
    1. nigelai's Avatar
      nigelai -
      Thank you Fsaddon for literally years of fun. All the best for the future; I’d better get the Bristol before you shut down and the chocks are in for the last time.������
      Best wishes
    1. HornetAircraft's Avatar
      HornetAircraft -
      Will Tongass and Misty Fjords be able to buy anywhere? Will they be lost to time? That would be a huge loss if so
    1. nigelgrant's Avatar
      nigelgrant -
      Farewell Francois, I always regretted not meeting you at the Bellevue conference by a few hours. You have made a superb contribution to flight simming appreciated by many people. I think Jon Patch would have loved the new MSFS2020, warts and all, and it has really caused a revolution in the flightsim community and industry.

      Happy retirement Francois
    1. Affenmann's Avatar
      Affenmann -
      In other words: realizing (unlike some others) that MSFS killed all the other sims - it is (understandably) too much work and money to convert the addons. Enjoy your retirement
    1. Leo112's Avatar
      Leo112 -
      Your work was amazing especially in the PNW. Hate to see you go but if it means a more laid back life then by all means take it especially if sales have dropped off. Thanks for making FS9 such a joy in the areas that you covered. Bush flying would have not been the same in the virtual world without your contributions to the hobby. Take care.
    1. Buzz73's Avatar
      Buzz73 -
      Thank you to the staff at FSAddon for providing us with your cathartic add-ons. Prayers and best wishes to you!
    1. ampenn1's Avatar
      ampenn1 -
      Still fly the WACO YMF and BTW... it works flawless in P3d V.5. Why not make it freeware? I have a ton of mind-bending repaints I want to release to P3D V.5 flyers on Fligithsim Let me know. It is by far the best biplane for FSX thru P3d V.5!!

      [email protected]
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