• Chuck Yeager - RIP

    Brigadier General Charles E. Yeager

    February 13, 1923 - December 7, 2020

    Chuck Yeager

    Yesterday on the 7th December, Chuck Yeager passed away at the age of 97. Remembered by many as the first person to break the sound barrier, he was one of the true greats of the aviation world and will be greatly missed. Enjoy your new wings Chuck...you've earned them!

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    1. stretch's Avatar
      stretch -
      "Fly on past the speed of sound sir"
    1. N069NT's Avatar
      N069NT -
      He had been on my mind for the last several months for some reason. I was wondering how he was doing since we hadn't seen any public appearances in some time nor updates from his family on social media. There are trail blazers, and then there are sky blazers. Just 24 years old when breaking the sound barrier when these days a 24 year old one-bar pilot is still learning front line combat operations (Yeager had learned that the old school hard way by 21 in Europe). I find the date of his passing on Pearl Harbor Day almost poetic as so many young men signed up in all branches of the military after that fateful day and surely it affected him as well. Onward and upward General Yeager.
    1. bjl345's Avatar
      bjl345 -
      Fly high. One of my inspirations to earn my own wings.
    1. 4BNME's Avatar
      4BNME -
      A Legend and a Trailblazer. RIP.
    1. rabbitc's Avatar
      rabbitc -
      It's amazing what he achieved in his life. He probably flew more types of aircraft - and more eras of aircraft (operationally) than any other pilot I know of. He was a truly astounding man.
    1. CRJ_simpilot's Avatar
      CRJ_simpilot -
      Had no idea he was a Brigadier General. About three years ago I was going to write him a letter and ask for an autograph because I knew this day would come soon enough. Well, I never got a chance to write my letter. I was going to write a letter to John Glen as well and I had a mini cassette tape of NASA radio Coms when he went back to space and I was going to burn him a copy of the audio to CD. Just right when I was going to do that withen a week he passed away.

      Been to Edwards Air Force base myself a few times to see the space shuttle land (remember that thing?) and the place is pretty interesting. Lots of aircraft records broken there. Standing there on that dry lake bed back then reminds me today what standing out at Area-51 must be like. After all, KEDW is an extension of the famed Area-51. Back when they were testing jet powered aircraft at Edwards the test pilot decided to mess with other pilots and wore a gorilla suit with a cigar in his mouth. When pilots flying props saw this propless plane flying near them with a gorilla smoking a cigar in the cockpit they thought they were seeing things. So naturally they'd visit the base psychologist and of course the mention of a flying gorilla covered up the story of the first jet powered experimental aircraft. The test pilot was Jack Woolams. Like Yeager, he'd go on to set a non-stop coast to coast jet record and in '43 set an altitude record.

      Yeager had a Twitter account. From '23 to now he's certainly seen the technology evolve in more ways than one, let me tell you.

      The great ones are slowly fading to times past only live on in books and characterized by film. You've made your mark for all of time. May the unboundless laws of nature in that great beyond see you sore ever so higher to intercept the radial of space and time.
    1. pmgebroff's Avatar
      pmgebroff -
      They should rename Edwards AFB to Yeager AFB in honor of great patriot and flyer. Got any Beemans? Go Chuck you rock!!
    1. learpilot's Avatar
      learpilot -
      I was driving my New Corvette down I 75 in Sacramento headed east towards Reno.I look in my rear view mirror and see a yellow Corvette approaching rapidly.It pulls up next to me and the person in the yellow Corvette snaps off a salute and I salute back while thinking THAT LOOKS LIKE CHUCK YEAGER as the Corvette pulls away I see the license plate USAF 1.
      RIP Chuck
    1. a1805's Avatar
      a1805 -
      I remember him when he was my wing commander at Clark AB, with the 405th Fighter Wing, RIP
    1. sky44's Avatar
      sky44 -
      One of my Heroes of all time, Flew his Sim in the Commodore 64 constantly with my son who is 46. Quite a pilot!!!!
    1. damien's Avatar
      damien -
      I solute you sir.RIP
    1. coronado990's Avatar
      coronado990 -
      One word: Legend.
    1. franzair's Avatar
      franzair -
      Seen him once at the Avalon Airshow [Australia] many years ago. He was then around 90 years old. A very good pilot.
    1. pummel's Avatar
      pummel -
      Nur mutige Menschen sorgen für die Zukunft der Menschheit.

      Am besten wurde seine Geschichte in dem Kinofilm "the right stuff" oder auf deutsch : "Der Stoff aus dem die Helden sind" gezeigt und dargestellt - er spielt übrigens dort auch fü eine kurze Scene mit.
    1. kalizzi's Avatar
      kalizzi -
      I'm deeply saddened by the news of Chuck's passing. RIP hero Yeager. An inspirational figure since my childhood. Godspeed.
    1. Tommyb's Avatar
      Tommyb -
      He was a amazing pilot and as a result became a legend he is now at Rest IN Peace. I have read one book and just obtained a copy of his autobiography just recently. So sad to see him leave us but he lived life to the fullest able to break the sound barrier once again at the age of 89.
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