• IndiaFoxtEcho Update On T-45C For MSFS

    IndiaFoxtEcho Update On T-45C For MSFS

    We believe it is paramount to be completely honest to our customers, as it is far better, in our opinion, to have fewer satisfied customer than having a lot of disappointed ones... so, as promised, here is a list of shortcomings and things we think we will not be able to do in the T-45C for MSFS.

    IndiaFoxtEcho Update On T-45C For MSFS

    • Carrier functionality: at the moment there are no carriers in the game, and while the carrier-related aircraft functionalities are there in the SDK, they do not seem to work.
    • HUD rendition: frankly the current method we are employing is not that good: it is not collimated or occluded. Basically it is just a semitransparent texture applied to the HUD glass. It still serves the purpose of presenting "heads up" data, but it is frankly disappointing - especially in VR. Moreover, the HUD seems to have issues with TAA (tends to become blurry) - but works fine with other AA methods.
    • MFD HSI Plan/Mapping: the old fs9gps mapping service is not working anymore, and alternate methods are not documented. So, the HSI page of the MFD will be basically a digital version of a traditional HSI (meaning it will not show graphical information about the flight plan, VORs/NDBs and airports). It will still be possible to navigate by following pointers and stuff like that, but the HSI mode will be somewhat limited.

    IndiaFoxtEcho Update On T-45C For MSFS

    We still believe it will be a decent rendition of this aircraft, as we think that the graphics are pretty good, the flight model will be satisfactory and you will still be able to follow 99% of the real world checklist. And then, cloud surfing is still lots of fun.In terms of schedule, we are working hard to have a test version ready before 2020 ends...but, as usual, it is done when it is done.

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