• ToLiss Provides Details on A321 v1.2 Update

    Airbus A321 by Toliss for X-Plane

    Here are some more details on the A321 update and the A321 NEO add-on, coming on the 13th of December 2020.

    ToLiss A321 V1.2 update (free for all existing users) - key new features:

    • Imperial units can now be selected via ISCS AC config tab
    • Add-on liveries can now use a livery config file which allow to configure additional items such as number of ACTs, use of imperial units, etc.
    • Complete rework of engine failure handling, making OEI operations much closer to reality
    • Vertical FMGS rework to enable LOWI RNAV RWY 08 approaches
    • Door pairs 2 + 3 can now open
    • Bug fixes and 3d model improvements based on user feedback
    • ming on the 15th of December 2020 :
    • Liss A321NEO add-on package at the cost of 29.95 USD - key features:
    • Choice of PW1130G and LEAP1A33 engines, including engine specific TSS sounds, accurate thrust values and realistic fuel burn
    • Choice of A321 NEO, A321 LR, and A321 XLR, each with the specific fuel system configuration and weight envelopes
    • 4 different exit configurations for the fuselage to reflect Airbus' cabin flex concept
    • System adaptations such as dual cooling for the PW engine, different flaps for the XLR version, bleed configuration on the EWD, etc...


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