• DCS Announces Work On Weapons Modelling For F/A-18C


    We are actively working on the GBU-24 laser guided bomb as well as the AGM-84K SLAM-ER land attack missile. In addition to these new weapons, we are also finalising advanced modes for the AGM-88C HARM and AGM-84D Harpoon for DCS: F/A-18C Hornet.


    The SLAM-ER is the next land-attack cruise missile coming to the Hornet. Unlike the current AGM-84E SLAM, the SLAM-ER has greater range, a more advanced terminal seeker, a multi-steerpoint navigation system, stealthier radar cross section, as well as greater accuracy when human-in-the-loop guidance is not used.

    Unlike the GBU-24, the SLAM-ER has much greater range and the ability to alter terminal targeting. We are also developing the enhanced data link video transmission for these greater distances which we plan to deliver early next year.

    AGM-88C HARM

    In addition to the current Self Protect (SP) and Target of Opportunity (TOO) HARM modes, we will be adding the Pre-Briefed (PB) mode later this month. This attack mode targets a geographic location and attempts to engage hostiles within range. Because the range is known, the HARM can be lofted and thus giving it greater range than SP and TOO modes.

    AGM-84D Harpoon

    We will soon be adding the SEA mode to the Hornet's radar. This will be an effective tool to acquire and engage moving naval targets. The Harpoon can take advantage of known target azimuth and range to use the Range/Bearing Launch (R/BOL) mode for more accurate attacks.


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