• Review: IndiaFoxtEcho - Long-EZ for MSFS 2020


    Publisher: IndiaFoxtEcho

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    Michael Hayward

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    IndiaFoxtEcho - Long-EZ 61 for MSFS 2020

    The Model 61 Long-EZ is a single-prop swept wing general aviation kit plane developed and built by Rutan since the late 1970s. Its peculiar style and aerodynamic body make it stand out when compared to a lot of aircraft in a similar class.

    IndiaFoxtEcho (Dino Cattaneo), is a long-time developer for flight simulation and is the latest to jump across to Microsoft Flight Simulator, with the Long-EZ being the first of his aircraft for the new platform. Today we take a look at this aircraft in close detail and see how it compares to its real life counterpart.

    Aircraft Specification:

    • Crew: 1 Pilot
    • Length: 16 ft 10 in (5.12 m)
    • Wingspan: 26 ft 1 in (7.96 m)
    • Height: 7 ft 10 in (2.40 m)
    • Empty Weight: 710 lb (322 kg)
    • Maximum Takeoff Weight: 1,325 lb (601 kg)
    • Powerplant: Lycoming O-235

    IndiaFoxtEcho - Long-EZ 61 for MSFS 2020

    Aircraft Performance:

    • Range: 2,010 mi (3,230 km, 1,750 nm)
    • Rate of Climb: 1,750 ft/min (8.9 m/s)
    • Service Ceiling: 27,000 ft (8,200 m)
    • Max Cruising Speed: 185 mph (298 km/h, 161 km)

    1. shb7's Avatar
      shb7 -
      Good review. But it's not a kit plane. It's a home built. You only buy the plans, and then buy the parts and materials separately. I know. I was building one, but never got finished.
    1. ryogahibiki345's Avatar
      ryogahibiki345 -
      Quote Originally Posted by shb7 View Post
      Good review. But it's not a kit plane. It's a home built. You only buy the plans, and then buy the parts and materials separately. I know. I was building one, but never got finished.
      "The Long-EZ has a canard layout, with a swept wing with root leading edge strakes and wingtip rudders, and a pusher engine and propeller. The tricycle landing gear has fixed main wheels with streamlined spats, and a retractable nosewheel. Its predecessor was the VariEze, plans of which were first available to homebuilders in 1976. The prototype, N79RA,[3] of the Long-EZ first flew on June 12, 1979. THE LONG EZ WAS A PLANS-ONLY KITPLANE, and several variants of the basic design have surfaced over the years."

      Doesn't matter it is still a kitplane. There are just more complete kits out there now than their used to be.

      Part 147 A&P instructor.
    1. fosheem's Avatar
      fosheem -
      I couldn't disagree more! This plane isn't "charming", it appears so beat up I would not have bought it in real life and I'm VERY sorry I bought it in MSFS. I had read that they were going to fix the canopy, which started out covered in scratches and fingerprints to the point that I couldn't see out of the cockpit under bright lighting conditions. I had read that they were going to fix it. Well, I just got out of MSFS and the "updated" plane, and there are still scratches and big thumb prints everywhere. It still looks like a pig pen, though at least I can see out a little better. The only things missing are old Starbucks cups and hamburger wrappers all over the floor.

      It's a real pity because they did such a great job on their Aermacchi jet trainer, one of my favorite planes in MSFS. It started out with the most subtly aged canopy, though the most recent update dumped the subtle effects for overt scratches, but at least I can always see through it.
    1. rogershaw's Avatar
      rogershaw -
      I agree, it tends to pitch down a lot. It was so strong downward that at times I could not climb with full yoke backwards, even after trim control. I had to go into the 'flight_model.cfg' and increase the 'elevator_trim_limit=10' up to 20 and the 'elevator_trim_neutral=1' up to 2. With these corrections, it handles much better and I can trim it out just nice and level.
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