• ATSimulations Releases Cri Cri For MSFS 2020

    ATSimulations Releases Cri Cri For MSFS 2020

    The first ATSimulations project for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator is finally released! Michel Colomban MC-15 "Cri-Cri" in three variants: piston on wheels and floats and jet engines equipped. Nine liveries included and traditionally we do publish free paint kit for artists so will have more soon for sure.


    1. tirith63's Avatar
      tirith63 -
      What a fun little aircraft to fly. Twitchy, but a lot of fun. Still a tad buggy when it comes to sitting on the ground - started the first flight sunk most of the way into the ground, and the flight immediately ended, saying I crashed into something. Same thing in the MSFS Profile > Hangar view - only bits of it stick up above the surface (top of canopy, horz. stabilizer, etc).

      I was able to have it placed successfully on the runway at KIAD and had a wonderfully fun flight. Looking forward to many more. Recommended!

    1. rhb's Avatar
      rhb -
      It's cheap so not much at risk, I find it less than satisfactory, it wallows around the sky like a boat on water, not stable in roll and yaw, and sinks like a rock with full flaps with a severe pitch down. I'm not sure how the real example flies, but doubt it is as uncontrollable as this.
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