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    FlightSim Community Survey 2020 Now Online

    13-23 November 2020 Navigraph is conducting a FlightSim Community Survey together with several major add-on developers and organizations within the flight simulation community. The survey, the largest of its kind, aims to gauge the prevailing flight simulation trends and users' requests for future development.

    Like previous years, this survey has an emphasis on the major flight simulators such as Microsoft Flight Simulator, Lockeed Martin Prepar3D and Laminar Research X-Plane, but now also includes questions about simulators on mobile devices, combat simulators, and helicopter simulation.

    This is the largest and most comprehensive flight simulation survey in the world! By participating you are influencing the future of the community.

    On the 10th of December (tentatively) results will be presented on https://blog.navigraph.com, but also by the partners participating to this survey (to the extent they wish to do so).

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    1. anaismith's Avatar
      anaismith -
      Tried to take it but it would not go further than the type of a/c flown.
    1. maxholt's Avatar
      maxholt -
      Quote Originally Posted by anaismith View Post
      Tried to take it but it would not go further than the type of a/c flown.
      We had a last minute fix reported by an early respondent which we had to publish. While it resets the form, your answers are not lost. You can click the Next button and resume where you left off. Annoying, we know, but hopefully we got most of the bugs now.
    1. sfgarland's Avatar
      sfgarland -
      cool and interesting
    1. davidc2's Avatar
      davidc2 -
      Still cannot get pass that question concerning what do I fly most of the time.
    1. anaismith's Avatar
      anaismith -
      Quote Originally Posted by sfgarland View Post
      cool and interesting
      Works now, but boy was that exhausting!
    1. stretch's Avatar
      stretch -
      Its a loooooooong survey...very comprehensive.
    1. cgsimpson's Avatar
      cgsimpson -
      Can’t get past the education level question.says answer not valid..???
    1. johnost's Avatar
      johnost -
      Took so long I did not get to fly at all during that session - LOL!
    1. Jean-Philippe Pierard's Avatar
      Jean-Philippe Pierard -
      Quote Originally Posted by davidc2 View Post
      Still cannot get pass that question concerning what do I fly most of the time.
      You need to ensure that all questions have been answered.
    1. sky44's Avatar
      sky44 -
      too long
    1. CTarana45's Avatar
      CTarana45 -
      I liked it!

      Thanks, Nels!

      Christopher Tarana
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