• MSFS Update #6 Now Available

    MSFS Update #6 Now Available


    • Navblue data has been updated
    • Navigation data date is now dynamically set in the avionics


    • ATC window should now list the entire name of approaches
    • ATC should respond to requests for changing an approach into an airport
    • User should now have the option to request an IFR clearance in the air even if they have a flight plan entered / loaded in their GPS
    • ATC should now respond to requests for changing runways while near / on approach to an airport


    • The Fly-by-wire bank oscillation has been fixed for the Airbus A320neo
    • The overpowered engine of the Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner has been reduced
    • Fixed broken plane instruments when switching to Metrics via the options menu
    • Fixed cockpit interactions that were either getting mixed up or not working on 3rd party airplanes
    • All liveries should now be accessible in game and properly loaded


    • Lightning should no longer be triggered in clear skies


    • The sensitivity curve methodology has been adapted for the different inputs


    • New temporal anti-aliasing (TAA), along with new sharpen filter using AMD FidelityFX CAS


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