• VSKYLABS Updates Robinson R44 Project To v1.1

    VSKYLABS Updates Robinson R44 Project To v1.1

    The update was already injected into the project (via the STMA Autoupdater). Stores version was updated to the latest build as well.

    Update v1.1 is mostly addressing some INTERACTION aspects with regards to 2D/VR usage. Here are the highlights:

    A new, dual-setup (InHg/MB) Altimeter was installed in the cockpit. It features large-size digits for better VR operations as well. This Altimeter was developed as part of VSKYLABS VR-related optimizations and will be implemented soon in all relevant VSKYLABS projects!

    The single GNS 530 configuration was replaced with a single KX155 (COM1/NAV1) and a single GNS 430 (COM2/NAV2). The KX155 was selected as it has a large-size digit display which is better than the ones in the G530/G430 for VR operations. In addition, all radios/GPS dials/knobs sensitivities were refined for VR touch-controllers operations.

    Another useful interactive function that was added to this update is the "Hide Yoke" feature, allowing to hide/show the cyclic (via a button assignment or interaction with the base of the cyclic vertical bar). Although being a non-issue in most VR operations, it may be useful for 2D/on screen operations, as it allows a clear view of the panel and switches.

    The full update history log of the project is available in the project's page at the VSKYLABS web site.

    The development road-map of the VSKYLABS Robinson projects is very exciting! Stay tuned for more!

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