• Emerald Scenery Updates Kaghau Airport

    Emerald Scenery Updates Kaghau Airport

    Changelog v1.13

    • Added support for P3D v5
    • Added specular and bump maps to building textures
    • Added reflections to building windows
    • Optimizations to building models, removing hidden polygons
    • Fixed an issue where P3D v3 native AFCAD was being used in P3D v4 (P3D v4 users only)
    • Fixed floating huts on Laena Island

    Emerald Scenery Updates Kaghau Airport

    Kaghau Airport is an island airport located in the Choiseul Province of the Solomon Islands. The airport has a single 2,428 x 148 ft (740 x 45 m) runway that is of a grass and sand surface mix. Kaghau airport is sometimes referred to as Kagau Airport or Kagau Island Airport. The airport sees light traffic and even has scheduled air service.

    We have developed this airport with performance and compatibility in mind. This airport is 100% compatible with the popular FTX Global series of terrain sceneries as well as countless other add-ons. In order to give you the best performance possible, we have designed this scenery so that the level of custom objects displayed can be changed by simply adjusting your Scenery Complexity slider in the simulator. This eliminates the need to restart your simulator, like you would need to if this was changed externally.

    Emerald Scenery Updates Kaghau Airport


    • 60cm/px photoreal imagery
    • 38m/px Terrain Mesh
    • Custom HD textures for all buildings, tropical plants, and ground vegetation
    • Runway grass at "Extremely Dense" settings
    • Ambient Ocean Sounds
    • Designed for maximum compatibility between default and 3rd party terrain add-ons
    • Custom autogen levels can be changed using your simulator's Scenery Complexity slider

    Emerald Scenery Updates Kaghau Airport

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