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    Ultimate Ground Crew X

    Publisher: FS2Crew

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    Richard Nurse

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    Today's flight simulation platforms have become more complex than ever, namely due to advancements in video rendering technology, and also the expansion capabilities of the numerous flight simulator platforms we use. As a result, enjoyment for the simmer today is not only about using a great simulator, but also about acquiring the "sometimes" necessary third-party products that enable the experience to be as real as possible.

    FS2Crew's Ultimate Ground Crew X revitalises your flight sim experience by giving you a complete airport ground crew support package that supports sim pilots by using real-world modelling, methods, communications, and procedures. It is truly the most exciting, powerful and feature rich ground crew program now available for FSX and P3D. The user interface is easy to navigate, and allows you to get set up with ground crew support services in 99.9% of airports in the simulator (both default and third party)! The ground crew support services provided in this package include:

    • Pushbacks (with Advanced Pushback Options)
    • Engine Start at Stand (Pushback not required - Ideal for Business Jets, Military and GA planes)
    • Custom Pushback Routes (Routes can be saved and shared)
    • Towing
    • Fire Truck
    • Follow Me Car
    • Marshalling at Stand
    • Animated Ground Crew (Wing Walker options)
    • Customized Aircraft Offsets
    • Available at every airport (default and 3rd party).
    • Works with 99.9 percent of all aircraft (Airline and GA)

    Installation And Setup

    When I say that FS2Crew's Ultimate Ground Crew X is extremely easy to use, I say it from the point of view of a simmer who wants to install this product and have it up and running in 5 to 10 minutes maximum. Well, UGCX does exactly that with a seamless installation process, and a simple user interface that configures every aircraft based on its own profile quickly so that the ground crew services can be realized at every airport.

    Multi-Platform Installer

    The installation provides multi-platform support for P3D version 4 and 5, FSX boxed and Steam:

    FS2Crew - Ultimate Ground Crew X

    UGCX Configuration Manager

    Once installed, open the UGCX Configuration Manager on your desktop, and download all of the manuals in a .ZIP format:

    FS2Crew - Ultimate Ground Crew X

    The Ops Manuals

    Download your manuals and unzip them using to a temporary folder. It should look like this:

    FS2Crew - Ultimate Ground Crew X

    This is principally where your UGCX experience starts, as the software needs to be configured for each aircraft. You will need to read the manuals labelled:

    • Configuring Ramp Agents
    • Working with Aircraft Offsets

    1. jmig's Avatar
      jmig -
      What about GA and military aircraft users? Does the program offer anything useful to us?
    1. jmig's Avatar
      jmig -
      Guess not.
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