• IndiaFoxtEcho MSFS 2020 Vision And Product Roadmap

    IndiaFoxtEcho MSFS 2020 Vision And Product Roadmap

    First we'd like to thank you once again for your your support to the Long-EZ and MB-339 launch!

    Second, it is time to share what is our vision for Flight Simulator 2020, and some of the products we are developing. We know have a team of contractors which allows us to deploy more and better projects: ten new projects in the works! We cannot announce all of them right now...but these are the ones being actively developed at the moment.

    IndiaFoxtEcho MSFS 2020 Vision And Product Roadmap

    First, while some of our projects will be the same aircraft we did for FSX and P3D, we are NOT converting the assets: while some good bits of the geometry may be reused here and there, we are rebuilding new 3D and textures to FS2020 standards.

    Second, we think that the current status of the simulator is not good enough to depict some aircraft, namely our supersonic jet fighters, with the level of realism we'd like.

    We have divide the aircraft we'd like to do in three tiers:

    TIER 1) Aircraft that can be simulated appropriately with the current code base of Flight Simulator. In this tier, we can announce that we are developing the following aircraft:

    • SU-31
    • MB-326
    • TA-4J

    TIER 2) Aircraft that can be simulated with the current code base of Flight Simulator, but either require some more research. In this tier we can only announce that we we are developing the M-346 Master. There are other aircraft being worked on.

    TIER 3) Aircraft that cannot be simulated in the way we want in Flight Simulator right now - basically our supersonic jets. We started working on our usual suspects: F-35, Eurofighter and F-14... but do not expect any of them to be released before Q3 2021.

    IndiaFoxtEcho MSFS 2020 Vision And Product Roadmap

    We will follow up with more details and estimated dates soon!

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    1. talnes's Avatar
      talnes -
      Nice work. Really like it. Hope autopilot will be pache. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ElMLrPNX...g&name=900x900
    1. CptBlueBear's Avatar
      CptBlueBear -
      Looking forward to the MB-326 and a RAAF fanta can paint.
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