• Supercritical Simulations Group Updates 747-8 Anniversary Edition

    Supercritical Simulations Group (SSG) Updates 747-8 Anniversary Edition

    SSG is pleased to announce the release of V2.2r3 with the following changes:

    • Improved wing flex animation and behavior
    • Improved flight dynamics
    • VR implementation improved, now has hot spots in cockpit seats
    • LNAV crosswinds behavior improved
    • Option to select heading up or track up on the ND (via the tablet)
    • "Direct to" option on FMS fixed
    • ILS approach indicators on PFD improved
    • You can now enter an aircraft weight in the approach page to check VREF speeds
    • VNAV climb behavior after takeoff now has less oscillations
    • Better track presentation on the ND
    • Fix for engine nacelle oscillation when parked on the ground
    • Fixed heading up command
    • IRS switch movement does not block the ND after alignment procedure anymore

    SSG Previews 747 Freighter

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