• Sofly Guide To Flight Simulator MSFS 2020 Update To v1.60

    SoFly - A Guide to Flight Simulator - MSFS 2020 v1.60

    Attention FlightSim.Com Store Customers

    If you bought the Sofly guide from our store this is a free upgrade. Just login to your store account, go to "My Account", and download the book again to get the latest version.

    SoFly - A Guide to Flight Simulator - MSFS 2020 v1.60

    It's been 3 weeks since our last update to the guide, but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten it! Far from it!

    This update is somewhat interesting as it focuses a lot on quality of life improvements. We have captured over 500 new images for the guide to improve the resolution, quality and information is shows whilst fixing numerous minor errors throughout. It's a mini refresh of the guide to ensure it's up to date with the current sim status as well.

    We have also added in all the new airports from the Japan update too, along with information on the update as a whole.

    This version now brings the guide to 232 pages. This is over 100 extra pages for free since we launched the product back in August.

    SoFly - A Guide to Flight Simulator - MSFS 2020 v1.50

    Changelog v1.6.0

    NOTE: Some pages within the Airbus tutorial still say version 1.50. This is due to us being unable to grab new images due to an ongoing issue with Microsoft Flight Simulator.

    Documented here: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/a320-mcdu-premium-deluxe-edition-not-in-database-mcdu-errors/303013/19

    • NEW - World Update I: Japan section
    • ADDED - Six new airports based on the free World Update (Japan) for the simulator
    • ADDED - New information in the performance section for 'Render Scaling'
    • CHANGED - Color for the footer to have better visibility for printing
    • CHANGED - Updated over 500 images across the guide to be of a higher quality and improve visual explanation
    • FIX - Nearly 100 minor changes / fixes to text, spelling and font throughout
    • FIX - Corrected page number links where they were wrong/linking to the wrong page

    Spend more time flying in your new simulator with the best possible set up. SoFly's team of experts have carefully crafted an easy to follow guide, enabling you to swiftly adapt your settings to maximise performance without compromising the look of your new simulator.

    A Guide to Flight Simulator will provide you with detailed information for each of the hand-crafted airports, whilst the tips and tricks from certified pilots will give you the confidence needed to complete complicated manoeuvres and land at challenging airports. Detailed specs will help you understand each of the included aircraft to help you become the best virtual pilot.

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