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    Changelog v2.0.0.27

    • This fixes an issue which was affecting job generation (so people weren't seeing jobs to/from their bases).

    Changelog v2.0.0.26

    • Fixed issue with Owned Parts causing a DBNull error during transit
    • Fixed issue with missing country identifiers in scenery
    • Fixed issue whereby in-flight menu hotkey was not saved
    • You can now edit the aircraft Title and Manufacturer from Aircraft Details
    • You can now input a Type for an Aircraft which has no Type listed on import
    • Resolved issue with high fuel prices at airports (do a full default scenery import to re-base the costs)
    • Removed Save-in-flight function while it is re-written to account for Pax changes
    • Fixed an issue with the in-flight menu not displaying job status correctly
    • Resolved issue where the "Downloading Charts" splash wouldn't close
    • Added Humanitarian Delivery logging
    • Fixed issue with labling when editing aircraft details
    • AH2 now allows cargo loading up to 110% MTOW
    • AH2 will auto select aircraft at start airport when Fly Now on a cargo job
    • Fuel to load in the Network mode screen now shows the correct values
    • Aircraft Management now sorts correctly for the range and max pax columns
    • Fixed issue when importing Aircraft with no ICAO Type and subsequently purchasing/leasing one
    • Fixed issue when offloading cargo from an Aircraft which has ferry fuel as cargo on-board
    • AH2 now supports scenery importing in P3D4.5+
    • Fixed an error which could appear when constructing bases
    • AI pilots can now use pax config aircraft for cargo jobs
    • Added an indicator on the Cargo Loading screen to show if onward transport by road is available
    • Added a fix for non EN/US Windows installs for number settings showing incorrectly
    • When creating pax routes, the previously selected aircraft is re-slected after adding or removing a sector
    • You can now toggle on airport names along side the ICAOs in the Fleet Cargo tab
    • Added a "Fly self" button to the Cargo tab so you don't need to swap back to the details tab
    • Renamed the drop down on destination selection, to "Quick Find" and added the ICAOs of Cargo onboard to the dropdown
    • Added Kgs in addition to Lbs on the Cargo Loading screen for more stats
    • Add Kgs to Fuel Loading Complete dialog
    • Fixed issue with Distance not sorting correctly on the Available Missions screen
    • Adjusted decimal places on fuel capacities on several screens
    • Fixed with an issue with location reporting when flying future Pax sectors/routes.
    • Fixed issue which prevented random jobs from being generated
    • Resolved issue with buying and selling commodities
    • Fixed issue with assigned pilot not showing in Pax config aircraft
    • Fixed issue with production time for commodities not updating correctly on the manufacture window
    • You can now batch add ICAO codes to exclude from a text file (*.txt), ICAOs on individual lines
    • Added +/- zoom buttons to Stock and Parts finder map
    • You no longer loose the cash if you don't have permission to donate to a VA
    • "Crew Required" renamed to pilots required to avoid confusion on Pax Sector list
    • Pax Sector grid now selects first aircraft rather than "All" to reduce load times for large schedules
    • Pax sector map now defaults to first entry in list
    • The Ledger has now been separated from Company Finance to improve performance
    • Supply missions no longer show the "To ICAO" on the grid to avoid confusion
    • Fixed an issue where pax flights would continually be processed incorrectly so the company was paid multiple times for the same sector
    • Fixed issue where 1% of cargo would be lost when loading/unloading onto an aircraft with insufficient space available
    • Added ATM button to the new Ledger screen

    About Air Hauler 2

    After the addition of numerous new features and countless updates and enhancements during the Early Access period, the full release version of Air Hauler 2 is now available!

    Air Hauler 2 builds on the addictive first edition to give you even greater control of your own global freight and passenger company, with more options, wider opportunities and infinitely greater flexibility. Fly jobs between bases, buy or lease aircraft and create your own virtual airline. Recruit pilots, build routes and look out for special humanitarian missions. Trade cargo commodities, open factories at your airports and buy parts - the possibilities really are endless!

    Air Hauler 2 lets you immerse yourself totally in every operational detail of your company - each crucial flight will have an effect on the reputation and reach of your expanding empire.

    For P3D v1-v4, FSX and FSX: Steam Edition and priced at £29.99 / €37.95 / $44.99

    See the Air Hauler 2 page at the FlightSim.Com Store for all the details and lots more screen shots!

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