• Ilumium Simulation - Slovenia X and Airports for FSX/P3D

    Ilumium Simulation - Slovenia X and Airports for FSX/P3D

    The add-on offers a complete rendition of Slovenia for FSX, FSX:SE and P3D, covering the small but incredibly diverse country from hilly southern to mountainous northern regions and from Adriatic coasts to the eastern plains. It combines custom landclass and vector data, custom landclass textures, custom autogen and landmark models, photo-real inserts and default objects, with the aim of creating an identifiable and unique region, that ‘looks and feels’ Slovenian. Special attention has been paid to create a typical landscape image of various and picturesque Slovenian geographical regions such Gorenjska, Primorska, Kraska, Osrednjeslovenska, Dolenjska, Notranjska, Stajerska, Panonska, Koroska, etc. Places such as high plains in the hills and mountains – Velika planina, Planina jezero and many more, mountain passes – Kamnisko sedlo, Vrsic, Ljubelj, lakes like Bled and Bohinj, densely populated coastal region and medieval old town centres make the scenery plausible, picturesque and unique.

    Ilumium Simulation - Slovenia X and Airports for FSX/P3D

    Among the key features, we would like to highlight the following:

    • Custom textures for typical land classes with four different seasons, including hard winter and night textures; accurate data for snowy months and snow cover
    • 12m terrain mesh (LOD13), with the height precision of 1 to 3 m, that really brings to life the deep valleys and mountainous parts as well as all the intricacies of the terrain from sea level to 2864m of Triglav, Slovenia’s highest peak
    • 60cm photoreal cities (LOD16): Ljubljana, Maribor, Koper, Piran, Izola, Portoroz, Murska Sobota, Nova Gorica, Kranj, Celje, Novo mesto, and landscapes: lake Bled, Cerknisko lake and Soline
    • Based on geographical data 90% of the Slovenian building stock is represented and accurately placed
    • Rivers, lakes, coasts
    • Highly differentiated and diverse autogen includes:
    • Typical houses with different textures and roof shapes according to the regions,
    • Various building types according to the actual data (schools, public buildings, commercial and industrial buildings, train stations, hotels, gas stations, toll stations, etc.),
    • Special and typical objects such as mountain huts (30% with helipads on the roofs), alpine shelters (all there but really hard to spot from the air), alpine sheds – ‘stan’, hayracks – ‘kozolec’, various churches (adapted to different regions),
    • Roads, bridges, overpasses and traffic,
    • Railway tracks and (static) trains,
    • Vegetation: forests, scrub, cemeteries and parks (also dependent on the region),
    • Miscellaneous infrastructure objects such as powerlines, antennae, cellular towers, power plants, smoke stacks,
    • Viaducts, highway tunnel entrances, highway signage, port cranes, containers, wind turbines, power transformers, big storage tanks, industrial objects,
    • Lights – streets and roads in settlements, highway links and trunk roads are lit by custom street lights,
    • Another Slovenian particularity are numerous churches on hills that are lighted by night,
    • Different custom landmarks and objects from default FSX libraries (buildings, vehicles, vegetation, etc.) were hand placed to complement the overall impression and make a lively and vibrant landscape
    • Highly detailed and accurate rendition of Ljubljana’s medical centre heliport LJHL and surrounding buildings, including PCL lighting
    • Highly detailed and accurate rendition of Izola hospital heliport LJHI and surrounding buildings, including PCL lighting
    • Highly detailed and accurate rendition of Jesenice hospital heliport LJHJ and surrounding buildings

    Ilumium Simulation - Slovenia X and Airports for FSX/P3D

    • Configuration tool for turning on/off features according to pilot preferences and performance priorities
    • While the product is intended to be used with its own underlay, it can be used with any other underlay (e.g. photoreal) without the loss of objects or greenery.
    • Detailed instructions for seamless compatibility of Slovenia X with LJLJ Ljubljana Intl by RFscenerybuilding (compatibility ensured also by RFSB)
    • 41 airfields and airstrips: 2 international airports, 1 military airport, 12 midsize VFR airfields, 26 airstrips ranging in size (map of airports: https://www.google.com/maps/d/embed?...IwZd3dyLyxfNNI )
    • All airfields and airstrips come with their own terrain adaptations that attune them to Slovenia X mesh
    • 30cm photo real underlays (LOD17) for all Slovenian VFR airports that seamlessly blend-in with Slovenia X
    • Custom, recognizable buildings and elements at all airfields and airstrips
    • Custom static airplanes Pipistrel Virus, Pipistrel Sinus, Blanik L-13, Pilatus PC-6, McDonnell Douglas DC-9 (MD-80)
    • Seasonal greenery and objects including 3D grass, trees, corn fields, hay bales (SODE)
    • Animated windsocks (+animated hangar doors at LJDI)
    • Compatible with FSX, FSX:SE, P3D (v1 – v5)
    • And last but not insignificant: developed by the locals

    Available in two versions.

    Ilumium Simulation - Slovenia X and Airports for FSX/P3D

    Is Slovenia X Photoreal For Me?

    An honest answer is very straightforward: if you crave the ultimate VFR experience of Slovenia and you are in-sim GA pilot, glider pilot or helicopter pilot, Slovenia X Photoreal is definitely for you. Additionally, a typical customer would have some experience with Slovenia in real life, be it as a resident or coming from the neighborhood like Croatia, Italy, Austria, Hungary and Germany. Even from more afar, visiting it on the way to the summer vacation or as the destination in itself. Of course, if you have not experienced Slovenia in person, this would also be an opportunity to get to know it but more often than not photoreal sceneries come shining if you have a real reference to compare them to. It has this wow factor of ‘look, this is my street’ or ‘I have taken exactly that path on a recent hike’ or ‘I have parked my car right there and then went swimming in that lake!’

    Ilumium Simulation - Slovenia X and Airports for FSX/P3D

    If you fly airliners from- and to- LJLJ or LJMB, land class based Slovenia X will be perfectly fine and very accurate. Now being discounted makes it probably even more tempting. Slovenia is quite small in big jet terms, you would fly over almost a third of it on the approach from the north, landing Rwy 30 at LJLJ. Slovenia X Photoreal would also do incredibly well, sort of an ultra-real experience, but missing on going low and slow over the rest of the country would be a shame.

    Performance wise they are very close. Given the sheer number of autogen and custom objects, they are not too heavy on the framerates. Land class based Slovenia X is much leaner in terms of storage use: 4 GB compared to 45 GB of Slovenia X Photoreal. For some, including myself, this is a factor: I have grown up in times of floppy disks and gigabytes still sound like a perverse proposition – dozens of them, a heresy. As biased as I can possibly be, I still claim it is worth it and justified in this case.

    Purchase Ilumium Simulation - Slovenia X and Airports for FSX/P3D
    Purchase Ilumium Simulation - Slovenia X Photoreal and Airports for FSX/P3D

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