• Review: DC Scenery Design - SNPJ Patrocinio Airport

    SNPJ Patrocinio Airport

    Publisher: DC Scenery Design

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    Neil Birch

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    DC Scenery Design - SNPJ Patrocinio Airport for MSFS 2020


    For those of you unfamiliar with the area, Patrocinio is a municipality in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Patrocinio has four districts: Salitre de Minas, Sao Joao da Serra Negra, Silvano e Santa Luzia dos Barros and is known for its coffee production. In fact, 78% of the economy is connected to coffee, with the activity employing more than 30,000 people. At an elevation of 965 m, it's a little bit higher than what I am used to (grass strips over the north of England).


    • Detailed HD ground textures
    • Detailed HD hangars, airport buildings and objects
    • Accurate taxiway, runway and apron
    • PBR textures
    • Custom night lighting
    • High level of airport detail

    DC Scenery Design - SNPJ Patrocinio Airport for MSFS 2020     DC Scenery Design - SNPJ Patrocinio Airport for MSFS 2020


    After purchasing the product from the FlightSim.Com Store, you are provided with a single zip file. Unfortunately, due to the lack of any documentation, it's complete guesswork as to where you install the scenery (unless you're familiar with the folder structure in Flight Simulator 2020 as I was). For a scenery to lack any form of documentation is rather poor, so I hope the developers take note of this and include one ASAP in a future update.

    However, unlike previous versions of Flight Simulator (and also P3D), there is no need to add the airport in the simulator's scenery library, as it is all done automatically. This is something I really like about Flight Simulator 2020, as the old method was rather tedious at best. It was also prone to errors, so for new users of the genre...this is most welcomed!

    DC Scenery Design - SNPJ Patrocinio Airport for MSFS 2020     DC Scenery Design - SNPJ Patrocinio Airport for MSFS 2020

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