• VSKYLABS F-19 Stealth Fighter Project For X-Plane 11

    VSKYLABS F-19 Stealth Fighter Project For X-Plane 11

    The project, which is not available at the present, was initially developed for X-Plane 10 back in 2015. It is now going through a massive update for X-Plane 11 to include a complete rework of all components, FMOD sound pack, PBR textures and full VR compatibility.

    The VSKYLABS F-19 Stealth fighter was designed following the F-19 Stealth Fighter specifications and documented that were published during the late 80's/early 90's by various aviation specialists. The VSKYLABS F-19 project is allowing a fascinating opportunity to test and evaluate the concept as it was originally envisioned, using the amazing world of X-Plane 11 and its advanced flight dynamics simulation.

    VSKYLABS F-19 Stealth Fighter Project For X-Plane 11

    How it handles? Is it really capable of aircraft carrier operations? How maneuverable it is? How its thrust, weight and drag characteristics are working together during the various phases of flight, including combat? Can it carry fuel and payload to the estimated operational radius?

    So many questions to ask...but only one way to find out...The VSKYLABS F-19 Stealth Fighter Project for X-Plane 11. More details will be posted soon!

    VSKYLABS Icon-A5 Project for X-Plane 11 News
    VSKYLABS Previews XF-85 Flying Over The Mojave Desert
    FlightSim.Com - A Look Back at F19 Stealth Fighter by Microprose

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