• Indiafoxtecho MB-339 Update

    Indiafoxtecho MB-339 Update

    Quick update on the MB-339 for MSFS...and some screen shots.

    We are VERY close to a quality level that I'd consider acceptable for release. With respect to the Beta build (and thanks to the input of our Beta testers), we fixed a lot of things and implemented several missing functions and we significantly improved the flight model.

    While it is still a "Lite" project, we hope that the even the basic version of the MB-339 will be good enough for the vast majority of Microsoft Flight Simulator users.

    Indiafoxtecho MB-339 Update

    Indiafoxtecho MB-339 Update

    Finger crossed we should have the final build ready for the next weekend...

    Indiafoxtecho Now Official DCS Developer
    Indiafoxtecho Long-EZ For MSFS Update

    1. tirith63's Avatar
      tirith63 -
      Count me in! But for heck's sake, don't release it only in the MSFS Marketplace - I haven't been able to purchase anything from that dump since it came out, and I've tried many things to make it work. Please provide some other mechanism to acquire it. Thanks, and very much looking forward to it!
    1. Joachim Diegel's Avatar
      Joachim Diegel -
      I'm urgently waiting for a plane ...
      ... where the pilot sits on the center line
      ... having a sitck in the middle (not a side stick, not a horn)
      ... having old fashion gauges
      ... climbing above the weather in a few minuntes
      ... giving low level flight fun at 400 kts.
      Looking forward to it.
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