• Sofly Guide To Flight Simulator MSFS 2020 Update To v1.50

    SoFly - A Guide to Flight Simulator - MSFS 2020 v1.50

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    SoFly - A Guide to Flight Simulator - MSFS 2020 v1.50

    We worked really hard to create a visual and easy to follow tutorial flight for the A320Neo for Microsoft Flight Simulator. We hope that newcomers to the hobby will be able to take this complex aircraft from A to B thanks to our tutorial flight. In this update, we're taking the jet airliner from San Francisco to Seattle using IFR navigation, SIDs and STARs. The tutorial starts with a cold & dark aircraft and will go through the various stages of flight, interacting with ATC and also setting up for an Autoland into Seattle airport. Whilst this is a complicated subject matter, we feel we’ll be able to support simmers who are looking to get the aircraft in the air easily and have fun doing so. There is of course much more to learn beyond the tutorial flight but this is a good starting point for those looking to learn.

    Not only does this update focus on the A320NEO, but we touch upon the recently released Japan World Update and have included a large number of quality of life improvements based on community feedback.

    This version now brings the guide to 222 pages. This is over 100 extra pages for free since we launched the product back in August.

    SoFly - A Guide to Flight Simulator - MSFS 2020 v1.50

    Changelog v1.50

    • NEW - A320Neo Tutorial Flight
    • ADDED - Information on Microsoft Flight Simulator Build [Japan Update]
    • CHANGED - Updated credits list in relation to upcoming language translations and other contributors.
    • FIX - Various minor spelling errors throughout the guide [Thanks to Brian B]
    • FIX - Corrected link to SkyVector

    Spend more time flying in your new simulator with the best possible set up. SoFly's team of experts have carefully crafted an easy to follow guide, enabling you to swiftly adapt your settings to maximise performance without compromising the look of your new simulator.

    A Guide to Flight Simulator will provide you with detailed information for each of the hand-crafted airports, whilst the tips and tricks from certified pilots will give you the confidence needed to complete complicated manoeuvres and land at challenging airports. Detailed specs will help you understand each of the included aircraft to help you become the best virtual pilot.

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