• VSKYLABS XF-85 Project Announced

    VSKYLABS XF-85 Project Update

    After succeeding to overcome several engineering and conceptual challenges, the VSKYLABS 'Test-Pilot': XF-85 / 2020 Project has reached advanced development phases!

    Similar to the VSKYLABS 'Test-Pilot': He-162 Project, the VSKYLABS XF-85 / 2020 will challenge the innovative late 40's concept using the most advanced flight simulation environment available nowadays: X-Plane 11.

    The XF-85 was the world's smallest jet-fighter aircraft, designed to ultimately defend bombers from hostile interceptor aircraft. Being a "parasite" aircraft, it had no landing gear. It was meant to be launched and hook back onto its bomber "mother-ship" using a special retractable hook. In case of emergency, it was able to land on its belly, utilizing a steel skid, located underneath its fuselage.

    Flight reports showed that the XF-85 was stable and easy to fly. However, flying in close proximity to the bomber "mother-ship", as part of the docking process, introduced severe turbulent airflow issues which made docking almost impossible while requiring unacceptable pilot skills and workload.

    Could the XF-85 be assigned as an actual jet-fighter at the time? How did its unique design affected maneuverability and stability during a proposed dog-fight? Was it easy to manage its energy during flight? How high it could actually fly? How fast? Could it perform a safe dead-stick landing? There's only one way to find out!

    The VSKYLABS 'Test-Pilot': FX-85 / 2020 Project is introducing the XF-85 concept with a special focus on the aerodynamics and power-plant aspects. The XJ-34 engine is also being simulated with high authenticity and accuracy, as it is one of the core components of the XF-85.

    Actual docking to the "Mother-ship" aircraft is not simulated in X-Plane.

    The VSKYLABS FX-85 / 2020 is featuring several engineering "aids", such as alternative fixed landing gears configuration mode to allow (fictional but plausible) ground-based operations including takeoff capability. The fully equipped interactive cockpit is also designed to allow an authentic representation of the XF-85 cockpit, with a few '2020 modern equipment modifications'.

    The VSKYLABS XF-85 / 2020 is an exciting educational and research project. It is a fully functional experimental jet-fighter, fully equipped with systems on board and designed for ultimate VR experience and operations.

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