• Indiafoxtecho M-346 Development Continues

    Indiafoxtecho M-346 Development Continues

    I am happy to report that recently released Microsoft Flight Simulator patch ( has solved all the loading problems with complex XML gauges... this means that the M-346 for MSFS development can continue and the plane will definitely come to the new sim.

    This also unlocks the possibility of working on the F-35, the Eurofighter and the F-14D...although, on those planes, I still need to do some testing to see if the problems with supersonic flight dynamics are still there.

    Aside, please beware that Microsoft DOES NOT allow models with weapons on the marketplace. So, the choice I have to make is either have a larger customer base (by removing the weapon models) or have the weapons and sell only through external distributors. This will not affect the MB-339 "Lite" which will be unarmed in any case (more news soon)...

    Also, please note that at the moment, in any case, weapons are cosmetic only.

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    1. ryogahibiki345's Avatar
      ryogahibiki345 -
      You could do both though. Add the weaponless version to the MSFS MP, then sell the weaponized versions as an addon pack through third party distributors.
    1. weblin's Avatar
      weblin -
      I will be willing to pay for the aircraft with weapons through a 3rd party!
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