• Microsoft Flight Simulator September 10th, 2020 Development Update

    Microsoft Flight Simulator September 10th, 2020 Development Update

    As summer winds down for many of us, it's been another busy week for the team.

    • Patch #2 – Final testing on Patch #2 is almost complete and pending any last minute blocking issues, we expect to release the patch within the next 10 days.
    • Videos – Work on the Partnership Series/Feature Discovery Series/Around the World Series videos continues despite hitting a few delays. We expect to provide an updated timeline in our 09.17 post.

    Development Update


    Note – The Feedback Snapshot contains information collected across all of our communities. The information below is just a subset of the overall feedback we collect and will be included in the Feedback Snapshot but will not represent ALL issues in the Feedback Snapshot.

    • 225/03 Wind Thread – “Thread for people having the 225/03 wind issue in North America and other places around the world. The winds aloft are always about 225 degrees at 3kts
    • Wind Testing – “In an effort to give this issue more visibility, and greater importance for addressing. Did a test of (6) different airports to show that the wind depiction issues go well beyond the 223/3 knots winds aloft bug we all know about.”
    • Live Weather and Wind Readings are Not accurate – “Hello, I’m wondering if you all are having the well know weather issue with the wind still at 2 kts when you fly anywhere in the world because I did a test flight from KSFO to Eureka, CA and flew over the ocean where winds this morning where around 30 kts but my Grand Caravan aircraft only had winds 225 degrees at 2 kts”
    • Live Weather Not Working: In general, Live Weather not accurate. “Having to restart to get live weather working again, then sometimes midflight it just changes to clear conditions.”
    • Live Weather Error – “After I quit the flight and go back to World Map the live weather does not work anymore. Weather appears to be clear in whatever airport I start again.”
    • Garmin G1000/G3000 & Autopilot Related Issues – Variety of AP and issues with the Garmin Avionics. Read list in thread.
    • Turboprop Engine Logic Issues – “Basic turboprop engine issues to include ITT on start, ITT with altitude, torque versus altitude, and N1 versus altitude issues.”
    • ATC Incorrect Phraseology – Airline pilot highlights it in thread.
    • Baron G58 Missing ALT Knob – No knob for ALT in the Baron G58
    • Upvoting for removing ‘Press Any Key to Start’
    • Night lighting – Terrain emits light? – Terrain emits light, see thread for further examples and screenshots.
    • Dreadful Performance – General performance issues (stutters, jumpy, etc.) with good computer set up.
    • Reflections look grainy, even if reflections are on ultra
    • Garmin Avionics missing RNAV approaches
    • Lack of Real Time Traffic
    • Cessna Citation Longitude Performance issues – “Engine, fuel, and flight dynamics issues with the Longitude”
    • A320 swaying left and right – When on Autopilot, the A320 sways left and right

    Patch #2

    • Patch is finishing final testing. Being prepped for release.
    • Patch will be released within the next 10 days.
    • Full patch notes will be released with the patch.

    Patch #2 Highlights

    • Performance improvements
    • ATC updates
    • UI updates
    • Aerodynamic updates
    • Aircraft updates
    • Cockpit visuals and animation updates
    • General aviation system updates
    • General aviation avionic updated
    • Airliner system updates
    • Airliner avionic updates
    • Live Weather updates – (e.g. 225/3kt wind fixed, persistency fixed, etc.)
    • Upgraded multiplayer servers
    • Marketplace updates
    • Content Manager updates
    • Localization updates
    • Accessibility updates
    • Camera updates
    • Bush Trip updates (e.g. completion trigger fixed/Completionist achievement fixed)
    • World updates

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    1. edsenna75's Avatar
      edsenna75 -
      I'll wait a few for months. When I buy, i want it working perfectly.
    1. Blair007's Avatar
      Blair007 -
      We are talking a Flight Sim with real world scenery and real world traffic and real world weather... Pretty sure it won't be perfect in a few months. But realize that you could really be enjoying it in the meantime. It's still a great product they've released.

      Quote Originally Posted by edsenna75 View Post
      I'll wait a few for months. When I buy, i want it working perfectly.
    1. JSkorna's Avatar
      JSkorna -
      Quote Originally Posted by edsenna75 View Post
      I'll wait a few for months. When I buy, i want it working perfectly.
      No software, ever, runs perfectly. You'll be waiting forever.
    1. kevinfolsom's Avatar
      kevinfolsom -
      Two more updates after this one then I'll seriously consider getting it.
    1. lryrob's Avatar
      lryrob -
      Quote Originally Posted by edsenna75 View Post
      I'll wait a few for months. When I buy, i want it working perfectly.
      Well you'll never buy it then, FSX still has problems.
    1. lawlegge's Avatar
      lawlegge -
      Wait if you want...

      My MSFS install works every bit as good as P3Dv5 does and looks 1000% better out of the box...
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