• Indiafoxtecho MSFS LongEZ Update

    Indiafoxtecho MSFS LongEZ Update

    The Long-EZ project for Microsoft Flight Simulator has reached a level of quality which I believe it will be satisfactory for most users... so I am proceeding with the final stage (documentation and marketing information submission) for the release process.

    Just to set the record straight, it is by no means a perfect Long-EZ rendition... for example you can still spin the aircraft and I have not implemented the possibility to use rudder as additional speedbrake...but I still think it is fun to fly and nice to look at and has performances and handling reasonably close to the real deal.


    1. JohnnyJohnJohn's Avatar
      JohnnyJohnJohn -
      Have you NOT read the complaints about the incomplete sim? You might want to think twice before releasing the way it is.
    1. CameraManCarl45's Avatar
      CameraManCarl45 -
      Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyJohnJohn View Post
      Have you NOT read the complaints about the incomplete sim? You might want to think twice before releasing the way it is.
      I fly in the sim everyday without problem..
    1. tirith63's Avatar
      tirith63 -
      Thanks so much Dino! Despite any minor incompleteness, I appreciate the quick release so we can get it in the air. It looks like a lot of fun - looking forward to it!
    1. JohnnyJohnJohn's Avatar
      JohnnyJohnJohn -
      Me too, CameraMan, me too!
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