• MSFS Cessna C152X Realism Mod

    MSFS Cessna C152X Realism Mod

    This mod by DRF30q to the default C152 makes numerous changes to engine performance and other aspects of how the aircraft flies. The installation does not create a new aircraft selection in the simulator. The modifications are applied to the Textron Aviation Cessna 152. Once the package is installed in the community folder, selecting this aircraft in the sim should load the C152X Mod aircraft.

    Some Of The Current Improvements (Not Exhaustive)

    • Modified stall speeds flap up/flap down in accordance with published information. Aircraft will now stall at a significantly higher speed.
    • Numerous changes to engine performance, now in accordance with Lycoming O-235L2C (115HP, 2700RPM) See note below.
    • Fuel consumption adjusted.
    • Long Range Fuel Tanks 37.5USG total useable. See note below.
    • Fuel Gauges correctly calibrated.
    • Fuel Gauge indications will vary realistically in out of balance flight (depending on quantity of fuel in tank) and also on the ground when the aircraft is not wings level.
    • Flight tested to verify climb, cruise, service ceiling, fuel consumption etc in accordance with published information.
    • Oil Temperature Gauge - gauge calibration and oil temperature modelling adjusted.
    • Oil Pressure Gauge - gauge calibration and oil pressure modelling adjusted.
    • Electrical system - completely remodelled, using documented electrical loads etc.
    • Now models realistic battery discharge/charge and subsequent electrical system behaviour.
    • If battery goes flat, various systems will fail at various voltage levels as the battery discharges.
    • Ammeter - gauge calibration and behaviour.
    • Low voltage light now comes on below ~ 1000 RPM as in real life.
    • OAT thermometer now operates regardless of the position of the master switch.
    • The overhead (Dome) light can now be dimmed by the dimmer knob below the pilot control yoke.


    There are other similar project popping up for other default aircraft, such as:

    MSFS G36 Project
    MSFS Citation CJ4DG Mod

    1. piet06273's Avatar
      piet06273 -
      Before downloading my XBOX Game Pass version I created my own 'MSFS' folder on my G drive.
      So I pointed the actual download to G:\MSFS The download worked, 'no questions asked' and during
      the download (5 hrs) I witnessed my G:\MSFS folder fill up. Still no questions asked (from the installer)
      Then after 5 hrs. the Microsoft Flight Simulator Shortcut was placed on my desktop.
      I started the simulator from the shortcut and after about 20min unpacking and further auto-installing I got the
      initial start up 'Wellcome' screen. The explorer showed 1 Community folder which was empty and 1 Official folder with a 'One Store' folder containing 154 'subfolders' and a ' \Name\Appdata Local\Packages folder ' with 107 'sub-folders'
      So just to be sure ; Do I put the entire C152XMaster 'root'folder from the download straight into my G:\MSFS\Community folder or in any of the folders in my: \Name\Appdata\Local\Packages folders?? Thanks for any reply Peter
    1. joelyshmoley's Avatar
      joelyshmoley -
      Thanks, love it. Performs very nicely. Just started flying it already can tell a massive difference. Now for some stalls and spins.
    1. coolguy3's Avatar
      coolguy3 -
      No, not the "master" - open up the master folder and you'll see the C152X folder. Put that folder into the \Community folder, and you're good to go.
    1. piet06273's Avatar
      piet06273 -
      Quote Originally Posted by coolguy3 View Post
      No, not the "master" - open up the master folder and you'll see the C152X folder. Put that folder into the \Community folder, and you're good to go.
      thanks for your help.......... To some every detail of MSFS is already 'a piece of cake' but to others like me things are not so obvious. I've been simming since FS4 and like with all the versions that came afterwards I will probably have to wait some 5 years before I will be able to buy a system capable of running
      MSFS at a peaceful FPS. But I'm happy, At this point I only get a faint glimpse of the possibilities of this new sim. So patience is my waypoint. Fortunately my FSX still works flawlessly.
    1. Shkee6947's Avatar
      Shkee6947 -
      While I agree that the flight dynamics are much improved over the default aircraft, just be aware that you will not be able to select any of the 8 built in flight training modules while the C152x folder is in the /Community folder. If you want to fly the training modules, just temporarily delete the C152x folder and restart the sim.
    1. Shkee6947's Avatar
      Shkee6947 -
      Be aware that you will not be able to fly any of the Flight Training options as long as the C152x folder is in the /community folder.
    1. trgz's Avatar
      trgz -
      Quote Originally Posted by Shkee6947 View Post
      Be aware that you will not be able to fly any of the Flight Training options as long as the C152x folder is in the /community folder.
      Hi - I think I may be having some difficulties as I've installed the mod so that the folder 'G:\FS2020\Community\C152X\' exists*, together with with a bunch of /pak and .json files and two sub folders (all extracted from the zip) and all looks ok, but I'm wondering if it's actually working. I say this as a) it doesn't seem to be handling any different and no cockpit buttons seem changed and b) I've just done the last training mission. Is this what you'd expect?
      FYI the sim was patched two days ago (11-11-2020) if this is of any relevance - and it was a full re-install (after an accidental wipe by Steam's file validation).
      *It's installed on a seperate SSD for (my) ease.
    1. trgz's Avatar
      trgz -
      Ignore my last post - I see that the mod has been fixed to work with the training flights (I also tested if it was installed by temporarily tweaking the max ceiling/range to see if it changed)
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