• Making Your Own Scenery MSFS 2020 - Australia Pack

    Create Your Own MSFS 2020 Scenery

    Making Your Own Scenery MSFS 2020 - Australia Pack

    by vLegion_

    Hi guys, sorry in advance for the long video but I hope that it helps you build some fantastic stuff in the sim!

    If you have any questions please check my discord or the megapack and ask for me.

    Install MSFS SDK from the Devmenu In-Game!

    Install Blender Exporter for MSFS:

    Import Models using Catchup Pro:

    Import Models Using Free Method:

    Download Australia Pack via:


    My Youtube Channel
    My Discord
    MSFS Livery Mega Pack Discord

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    1. koord's Avatar
      koord -
      thanks for your comment how to create own scenery.
      But what is the Devmenu In-Game to get the SDK?

      Thank you
      Herbert Behnke
    1. Nels_Anderson's Avatar
      Nels_Anderson -
      There is a button at the bottom of the main settings menu in MSFS called "Developer Mode".
    1. shavano's Avatar
      shavano -
      I get to the point of exporting the extended glTF 2.0 file. Following your instructions, I get an error message -TypeError: gather_mesh() takes 7 position arguments but 8 were given -. I messed around with it a bit and was able to export with no errors when I selected the Batch export Lods parameter in the MSFS dropdown. The only file that exports is the .xml file. The .bin and .GLTF files did not export as well as the texture file. Can you help?
    1. wytman's Avatar
      wytman -
      Quote Originally Posted by Nels_Anderson View Post
      There is a button at the bottom of the main settings menu in MSFS called "Developer Mode".
      Yes - but to elaborate a bit - while running FS2020:

      1. Go to Options->General
      2. At the bottom of the list on the left is "Developers" - click
      3. Turn on Developer Mode
      4. Immediately, a new drop down menu will suddenly appear across the top. It will be "[DevMode] Tools Camera Options Windows Help"
      5. Click on "Help" in the new menu
      6. Click on SDK Installer
      7. Install the file once download is complete
      8. Restart FS2020 - all DevMode menu options will become available.

      There are also samples that appear helpful in lieu of a full SDK suite, but then this guide is better still.
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