• Microsoft Flight Simulator September 3rd, 2020 Development Update

    Microsoft Flight Simulator September 3rd, 2020 Development Update

    It's been just over two weeks since the launch of Microsoft Flight Simulator and the team continues to transition from release focused work and back into feedback ingestion, bug fixing, and development.

    • Patch #1 (build was released yesterday.
    • Patch #2 has advanced to the final testing phase.
      • While we’re not quite ready to provide a release date for Patch #2, it will be released this month. Patch #2 will have an increased focus on the “in-sim” experience and we will post a complete patch list prior to release.

    We've also been working on updating our core documents (i.e. Development Roadmap/Feedback Snapshot) to provide greater clarity into how we are tracking and addressing community feedback.

    • Feedback Snapshot – Updated Feedback Snapshot can be found below. Though we are still evolving this document, we felt it important to share with the community to provide better transparency for feedback we are tracking. You should expect changes to the format of the document in the near future to help the community track how we are processing feedback from ingestion to implementation.
    • Development Roadmap – Updated Development Roadmap can be found below. This is another document we are working to evolve over the next few months to capture all the work happening across the franchise.

    We continue to collect and track feedback across all our external communities. This process of feedback collection and ingestion will continue to evolve as the team works to strengthen the transparency and connection between consumer and development team. As part of this process, we have added a voting feature in our forums to provide another avenue for the community to provide their input into the most important issues.

    Patch #2

    • Patch has entered the final testing phase.
    • Team working to define release date pending results of final testing.
    • POR is to release Patch #2 in September.
    • Update on timeline and patch notes will be provided in our upcoming post on 09.10.

    SDK Update

    Thanks to the creative energy and passion of the community, we have identified and fixed several issues related to the world editor, in particular linked to custom aerials, projected meshes, airports replacement and airport editing. Custom add-on airports and POIs can be now displayed in the world map and used when setting up a flight plan. We are also happy to see that the community is developing an exporter plugin for Blender, leveraging the standard glTF format that Microsoft Flight Simulator is heavily relying on! On the aircraft side, instruments are improving via support for the legacy XML gauges format (restoring fonts support, fixing several other issues) while at the same time improving support for the new WebAssembly-based system (local mouse coordinates are now accessible to WebAssembly gauges, several issues have been fixed). We are developing a brand new node-based particles effects system, which is an exciting addition to the simulator all-up. SimConnect is also getting some love and we fixed an important performance issue related to it, and we are also restoring missing functionality and better documenting it. Lastly, we keep improving the SDK documentation, and we’ve also worked on documenting the bush trips authoring process.


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    1. f18driver's Avatar
      f18driver -
      But still no Xbos version
    1. amberdog1's Avatar
      amberdog1 -
      I'm glad to see they are working on fixing issues and in fact are listening to us users. I'm still glad I purchased the game.
      Happy Flyin' y'all
    1. Rupert's Avatar
      Rupert -
      Good work!! Keep it up and I might buy your new product some day! I know I've been happy with FSX for many years!
    1. ryogahibiki345's Avatar
      ryogahibiki345 -
      Quote Originally Posted by f18driver View Post
      But still no Xbos version
      More than likely since the Halo game has been pushed back to 2021, they need a showcase game for the Xbox Series X, so I wouldn't bet on it coming to the consoles until then.
    1. vchateau's Avatar
      vchateau -
      If you are a serious veteran flight simmer and have not yet bought 2020, you are (even with some of the difficulties) missing a HUGE simmer junkie hit of some of the most amazing graphics AND environment sound experiences I have ewver experienced in my 35++ years of MS Flight Sims. Go ahead and take the plunge. You will not regret it.
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