• Indiafoxtecho MSFS Progress Update

    Indiafoxtecho MSFS Progress Update

    With Microsoft Flight Simulator launching here in Italy in just 12 hours, I am very curious to see what will be the reaction of the customers. My guess is that EVERYBODY will like the graphics...they are way beyond what we are used to. And EVERYBODY will like the scenery.

    Then...some will be disappointed by the "x-box like" interface, some by the lack of support for specific hardware, some by the lack of VR (which will come at a later point) and some by the total absence of helos (which I also guess will come in future).

    We'll see. For what concerns my projects, I am going ahead full steam with the Long-EZ and the MB-339. The main problem, at the moment, is that the Beta does not provide a clear way in the SDK to create XML-driven HUDs. Also, XML gauges do work...but if they are complex they "freeze" the sim for minutes upon aircraft selection and when starting and finishing a flight. I have reported the problem to Microsoft and they are working on it. This means no F-35, no F-14D, no Eurofighter and no M-346 at the moment... but I am sure things will change...and in the worst case the gauges can be rewritten to HTML. I hope I will be able to convert these soon(ish)...

    And...yes, I am working on the A-4/TA-4 conversion too! Thing is, as I explained before, while reworking the TA-4 I realized that there were some inaccuracies...that led to a number of changes I'd like to do - and they will take some time. That being said...it looks pretty good already.

    Development Update On Indiafoxtecho Long-EZ
    Indiafoxtecho Aermacchi MB-339A Coming to MSFS

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