• FSDreamTeam Further Preview Of O'Hare For MSFS

    FSDreamTeam Further Preview Of O'Hare For MSFS

    Just announced a few days ago, more previews of Chicago O'Hare Airport for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator have been posted by FSDreamTeam. No new details are provided, just a nice group of images showing off the terminal area.

    FSDreamTeam Further Preview Of O'Hare For MSFS

    FSDreamTeam Further Preview Of O'Hare For MSFS

    FSDreamTeam Further Preview Of O'Hare For MSFS

    FSDreamTeam Announces Chicago O'Hare Airport For MSFS
    FSDreamTeam Previews Basel For MSFS

    1. mlam's Avatar
      mlam -
      Looks great and I'm sure I'll buy it...but I have a question - why are airport scenery developers including details for the interior of the terminals? That's a view pilots only see when they're not in the plane.

      The interior shot looks very realistic - other than missing all the people and the overall run-down feel of ORD's terminals. I've spent more than enough time in United's terminal there to know what I'm talking about. But honestly...why model this at all? Isn't it a resource drain?

      Not trying to be sarcastic here - and not calling out FSDT since I know all of them do it now - just honestly wondering what sim pilots are getting out of these detailed interiors? What am I missing?


    1. gordonrd45's Avatar
      gordonrd45 -
      You often can see into the airport when you are at the gate! Depends on the particular terminal.
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