• Milviz Announces DHC-2 For MSFS

    Military Visualizations Announces DHC-2 For MSFS

    We have one more W.I.P aircraft coming MSFS 2020 to share with you before the weekend: the classic DHC-2.

    Introducing The DHC-2 Beaver

    In the twenty year time span between the Beaver’s maiden flight in August 1947 and the end of production in 1967, a total of 1657 DHC-2 Beavers were manufactured. These well-engineered, sturdy aircraft, designed to handle everything that could be thrown at them, soon found themselves spread out across the globe. From frigid Arctic and Antarctic extremes, hot jungles, lush tropics, sandy deserts, there is very little of this planet that the iconic Beaver hasn’t laid wheels, floats or skis on.

    Honored as one of the top ten Canadian engineering achievements of the 20th century, the Beaver still takes to the skies in large numbers to this day. It continues to largely fill the same role that it was originally designed for, hauling people and equipment to the furthest and most remote spots on the planet.

    Milviz DHC-2 Beaver for FSX/P3D
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    1. pugilist2's Avatar
      pugilist2 -
      Great news! Glad to see the Beaver coming to MSFS.
    1. yardreamer's Avatar
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      Quote Originally Posted by pugilist2 View Post
      Great news! Glad to see the Beaver coming to MSFS.
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