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    X-CPL-Pilot is a GA business simulation that generates a variety of jobs for you to fly. Board your aircraft, select your jobs, and fly. X-CPL-Pilot is that simple.

    Upon completion of your flight, you get rated as a pilot. A complex behind-the-scenes system constantly measures how you fly. If you get a good rating, your chances increase to get better paying job offers, including VIP flights and high-jump skydiving.

    Jobs vary from passenger (pax), cargo, sightseeing, and even skydiving. With its clever integration of third party objects, you will see pax arrive before boarding, or even see parachutists flying away after they jump.

    X-CPL-Pilot can be as demanding if you like. Do you want to make a fast fortune or have a realistic experience? The choice is yours.


    You are an entrepreneur. A pilot for hire. Pick your jobs, choose from parachuting, cargo, pax or sightseeing jobs.

    Fly time-critical VIP missions or relaxing sightseeing tours. The choice is yours.


    Random contract generator creates routes that span over 14 different destinations.

    Add new FBO's which are linked to each other via generated jobs. Want to fly from Orbx Washington to California? Well, just do it.

    Single Leg

    Random contract generator creates single legs for multiple destinations. You can create own legs for each FBO.

    Realistic Approach

    The amount of fees, charter cost and your income is based on real world data. They vary depending on aircraft, airport size and seasons.

    Full VR Compatible

    Works 100% in VR. No need to leave your virtual cockpit.


    Objects such as cars or buses bring passengers and/or cargo onto your ramp. Add your own third party objects to see luggage, passengers or parachute jumpers.


    A rating system assesses your skills as a pilot. A good rating leads to better paid jobs.

    Realtime Scene Editor

    Create scenes with your imported objects in real time. No scene editing, no reloading. No WED skills needed! Import and export functions, let you share the scenes with others.


    Create your own custom missions and link them to your scenes. How about rescue missions? Or bringing some PAX to Oshkosh?

    Add POI's to X-CPL-Pilot which will be used as destinations for sightseeing missions.

    Create your own custom jobs and share them with others.


    Sounds will be played when certain events occur.

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