• Where in the World Feature 126

    Feature Number 125 was from Dick Bronson, it is a "World Port" that is actually nowhere near an ocean. In fact, Sky Harbor Airport (KDYT) is also a seaplane base and it's not the Skyharbor in Phoenix, it's in Duluth, MN.

    Where In The World 125 answer

    Where In The World 125 answer     Where In The World 125 answer

    Some brave guessers:

    Charlie Aron
    Michael Polley
    Steven S.
    Mateusz Mucha
    Bob Bina
    Paul Kiver
    Roger Wensley
    Joe Bowers
    Terry Labadie
    Reid Gearhart
    David Tinker
    Hugh McLean
    Dominic Smith
    Steve Sparrow
    Stephen Floyd
    Robert Smyth
    Graeme Nowland
    Dieter Mennecke
    Robert Forberg
    Ulf Kristoffersson
    Des Holden
    H Scott Carpenter
    Mike Guttman
    Thomas Oftedal
    Steve Morley
    Thomas Pedersen
    Ray Lufkin
    Larry Sharer
    Des Holden
    Georg Flatscher
    Robert McManus

    Not a wrong location but interesting:

    Next we are on to Feature Number 126 from Thomas Pedersen and I'm posting this now because this location is hosting an event (translation: "Big Flyingday") on 22-Aug-2020 and y'all may want to attend! [Confirmed that the 2020 event has been CANCELLED due to COVID!] This event happens at a closed, former military base but the runway is still there allowing them to put on this "fly-in" during the summer months. So the mystery for you to solve is WHERE IS THE BIG FLY DAY? The photos from Thomas are from the "Big Flyday" 2016.

    Where In The World 126

    Where In The World 126     Where In The World 126

    Where In The World 126     Where In The World 126

    Sometimes hints may appear on: YouTube.com/user/pretendpilot

    Send guesses and future suggestions to: [email protected]

    Ron Blehm

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