• Just Flight 747 Classic - Dev Update Part 1

    Just Flight 747 Classic - Dev Update Part 1

    The 747-100 and 200 underwent many upgrades during their time in commercial service around the world, making it tough to make the right decisions when it comes to development but ours is mostly based on the original configuration, however during development we have incorporated various upgrades that have been requested by the community.

    Just Flight 747 Classic - Dev Update Part 1

    As we near completion of the systems and avionics coding of the 747 Classic, no small task on this mighty and complex jumbo, we continue to improve the aircraft in direct response to community feedback and requests. We appreciate all the feedback we receive based on our regular in-development updates, and it can help shape the development of our products. In two parts (second part coming soon), here’s a small update with accompanying images on just some of the changes that we have made to the 747 during the past few months.

    Just Flight 747 Classic - Dev Update Part 1

    1. A digital TAT/EPRL indicator has been added to the centre instrument panel, replacing the analogue TAT indicator. This new indicator displays the total air temperature (TAT), selected thrust rating, EPR limit and mode, selected using the EPRL computer on the centre pedestal.
    2. This computer allows you to select EPR limit modes for different flight regimes, such as take-off and climb, as well as derating modes. We have now added an improved autothrottle which can be used to hold a selected EPR and Mach, in addition to the original speed (IAS) mode. This additional automation eases the workload in this three-crew cockpit. Also visible here is the newer transponder and third INS unit for flights in modern skies with greater navigational accuracy and safety.
    3. The transponder is connected to the early TCAS that we have fitted to the vertical speed indicators. These use a series of red and green lights to indicate how to resolve any TCAS conflicts.
    4. One of the most recent additions are the two INS updating indicators which will indicate then the INS units are making use of the DME updating feature that we have simulated.

    Just Flight 747 Classic - Dev Update Part 1

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