• How To...Do Creative And Fun Things With FS98

    Hints and Tips
    To Make Flight Sim '98 More Fun

    By Jesse Shelly

    Flight Simulator '98 has many advantages over actually flying in the real world. For instance, FS98 allows you to be more creative in the kinds of things you can do with your aircraft. In this page, I will show and explain to you many things you can do with FS98 that you may have never thought of doing before.

    Converting FS98 To An R/C Aircraft Simulator

    One advantage of FS98 is that if you crash, you do not really lose anything. I have discovered that FS98 makes a pretty good Radio Controlled aircraft simulator. This is very easy to set up. The only setting that you have to change is your view. You should probably be currently using the Cockpit View. Change your view to the Tower View. This will give you the perspective that you are actually flying an R/C plane.

    • Tip: To get your aircraft to gain altitude very quickly, press Y then hit F4. Hit Y again to stop. You would need to do this if you were planning on flying a glider.

    Site Seeing

    Have you ever wondered where or how to find some of those great landmarks of the world? Here is a chart showing where to find some of those landmarks.

    Landmark or Monument

    How To Find It

    Seattle Space Needle Start at Sea-Tac airport. Find Seattle and you'll see it.
    Hoover Dam Go to "Select Flight" and click on the flight labeled, "Canyon Approach To Hoover Dam".
    Pyramids of Egypt Go to "Select Flight" and click on the flight labeled, "Pyramids At Dawn".
    Eiffel Tower Go to "Select Flight" and click on the flight labeled, "The Eiffel Tower".
    An Aircraft Carrier Go to "Select Flight" and click on the flight labeled, "Aircraft Carrier Fly-Bye".

    • Tip: At many major airports, such as Meigs, you can make other aircraft appear by selecting "World", then click on "Dynamic Scenery". Change the "Scenery Frequency" to read, "Very Dense", then check all four boxes and say "OK".

    Landing On The Carrier

    Out in the water somewhere is a carrier. Your mission: to land on it. This task is somewhat difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it, it seems pretty easy. The first step of landing on the aircraft carrier is getting to it. This is simple. Go to "Challenges" and select "Carrier Landing (Basic)". You will begin in a Cessna a little bit away from the carrier. Here are the steps for landing:

    • First, you must lose a lot of altitude so that you have enough room to decrease your speed before landing. I suggest descending to about 1,000 feet.
    • Two, flaps serve the dual purpose of producing extra lift and adding drag so that the airplane can make steep approaches without gaining extra speed. So put in full flaps and decrease RPM to about 1,500 to 2,000.
    • As you are descending towards the carrier, lean a little to the left then back a little to the right until you are heading straight towards the landing deck.
    • NOTE: You will be landing on the spot of the carrier where aircraft are supposed to be launched. In other words, you will be landing on the carrier backwards. This is o.k. for now.
    • Three, if you get to be going too slow, take of 10-30* flaps and give it some more power. If you need to, give it full power then decrease so you don't get going too fast.
    • The last step is the hardest. Make sure you are aligned with the carrier. You may see some FA-18 Hornets taking off (I would suggest not crashing into them). Give yourself full flaps if you already have not. Right when you reach the carrier, bring power to idle and gently pull back. The instant you hit the carrier, BRAKE. You have very little room or time to stop, so every foot counts.

    If you succeeded, try taking off and coming in for another landing. If you failed, try, try, and try again. You'll get it!

    Need any help? I can help! Just E-Mail me!

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