• MSFS July 16th, 2020 Development Update

    MSFS July 16th, 2020 Development Update

    The Journey Continues

    It's been just over a year since we announced the next iteration of Microsoft Flight Simulator and embarked on a journey with the community to bring this product to market. While we are now just over a month away from launch, our journey with you has just begun.

    We will continue working closely with the community. We will continue listening and reacting to your feedback and suggestions. We will continue updating our website, documents (e.g. Development Roadmap/Feedback Snapshot/SDK Updates), and working collaboratively with the community to build this product/platform/franchise.

    We are truly better together.

    Thank you for your ongoing feedback, for your suggestions, for continuing on this journey with us.

    Development Update

    Closed Beta Timeline

    As a Special Thanks to all of you in the Alpha Community for your feedback and dedication to help make Microsoft Flight Simulator awesome, we are giving you early access to the Closed Beta build today. A reminder that the NDA is still in place for the Closed Beta. Enjoy!

    Closed Beta is still tracking to release on 07.30.

    Closed Beta Invitations

    On July 23rd, we will begin sending out invitations for Closed Beta participation.

    As a reminder, if you are already an Alpha tester, you will automatically receive access to the Closed Beta.

    SDK Update – Marketplace Partner Program Is Here

    We are excited to announce our new Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace Partner Program!

    For the first time, Microsoft Flight Simulator will include a built-in Marketplace which enables approved partners to sell their content directly to simmers.

    The 3rd party creator community has been incredibly vibrant, delighting simmers with their creativity for many years. We recognize that creations by 3rd parties are a vital ingredient to broaden and deepen the Flight Simulation experience so we are excited to announce our Marketplace Partner Program which enables approved partners to sell content within our built-in Marketplace.

    We are looking for partners with all types of content that will enhance the simulation experience. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

    SDK Development Update

    We are making very good progress on the SDK and most of our focus in the past few weeks has been on bug fixing and quality-of-life improvements based on requests and feedback from the third party developer community.

    We improved the documentation in several areas:

    • Living world
    • Airport services
    • Jetways
    • Ground vehicles in airports
    • SimVars

    We added new samples:

    • A new sample demonstrates the edition of custom jetways.
    • We added the full source for the DA62 aircraft as a more complex example that third party developers can inspect and learn from.

    Beyond that, our sound team released video tutorials on the edition of aircraft sounds, and we are in the process of authoring new video tutorials for other areas. It is now also possible to edit custom painted lines in airports. Finally, we are improving SimConnect support and are developing an automated testing framework to help guarantee SimConnect keeps working with subsequent updates to the sim.


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    1. tomsfiretruck's Avatar
      tomsfiretruck -
      Will this new program overlay fsx or run seperately
    1. loki's Avatar
      loki -
      Quote Originally Posted by tomsfiretruck View Post
      Will this new program overlay fsx or run seperately
      It’s an entirely new sim.
    1. DavidN16's Avatar
      DavidN16 -
      Will Little Navmap work with MSFS2020 or will the sim come with one? Will there be some sort of Career Mode in the sim similar to FSCaptain & FsPassenger? Is there a real weather program included with the sim?
    1. loki's Avatar
      loki -
      Quote Originally Posted by DavidN16 View Post
      Will Little Navmap work with MSFS2020 or will the sim come with one? Will there be some sort of Career Mode in the sim similar to FSCaptain & FsPassenger? Is there a real weather program included with the sim?
      The sim will support external applications through an API and SDK, but it isn't clear yet exactly what this will cover.

      Have a look at the Discovery Episodes and Partnership Series to see what they're doing with the weather.

      Discovery Episode 2 - Weather:

      Partnership Series - Meteoblue:

      Discovery Episode 7 - IFR:
    1. zswobbie1's Avatar
      zswobbie1 -
      It's actually called Microsoft Flight Simulator also known as MSFS with no 2020 mentioned at all.

      The official site is here: https://www.flightsimulator.com/

      It will be available on August 18 as a digital download in 3 versions, Standard, Deluxe & Premium, the differences being the number of aircraft & selection of very highly detailed airports in each version.

      Aerosoft will be marketing a boxed version for the European market only, at this stage, consisting of 10 double-sided DVDs. Both versions will have a PC footprint of about 150GB.

      More info: https://www.flightsimulator.com/micr...s-for-pc-beta/
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