• FSimStudios News On MSFS Plans

    FSimStudios News On MSFS Plans

    Now that the official release date of FS2020 has been announced, we have some updates:

    • Our schedule remains unchanged. CYVR will be released for P3D v4 and v5 as scheduled in August.
    • CYVR will be then converted to FS2020. No ETA at the moment.
    • No details regarding the pricing of CYVR at the moment. Due to all of this, it is likely that the upgrade fee for FS2020 will be very low, if there's any.

    Upcoming projects and conversions:

    • CYLW and CYEG will eventually be converted to FS2020, no ETA on that. No other airport (MMUN, CYYC v1, MPTO, etc.) will be converted.
    • CYXU is under development, likely for both P3D and MSFS
    • CYYC v2 is under development, no platform decided at the time.
    • Two other airports are being developed as well. Expect an announcement soon. No platform decided at the time for these either.

    Just to be clear: Conversions to FS2020 will take quite some time. There are lots of things that need to be figured out before this can be done. Our focus and priority will stay on P3D.


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