Review: Neil's Tours - Wainwright's Week For MSFS 2020

    So far one of the best parts of the new Microsoft Flight Scenery is the detailed scenery there for you to explore. As in the real world, the English Lake District is a particularly scenic area. Thanks to Neil's Tours MSFS 2020 pilots have Wainwright's Week, a guide to the district that follows on from his versions for FSX and Prepar3D. Revewer John O'Rourke greatly enjoyed the guided tour and wholeheartedly recommends it to others.

    November 24, 2020, 5:14 pm

    Neil's Tours Releases UK Farm Strips Vol. 4 For MSFS

    Neil's Tours expands the popular series of small U.K. airfields with the release of UK Farm Strips Vol. 4. Those who enjoy flying low and slow in Microsoft Flight Simulator now have twenty new destinations to visit, along with a detailed guide to help you find them. In this volume the fields are enhanced with custom models.

    November 24, 2020, 12:05 pm

    TDM Scenery Design Previews Caruna Airport

    Scenery developer TDM Scenery Design have shared some previews of their upcoming scenery of Coruna Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. The new screen shots show that they are including even the small details around the airport.

    November 24, 2020, 9:44 am

    FlightSim.Com Store Thanksgiving Sale Starts Today

    The Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S. is this week and so today the FlightSim.Com Store starts its annual Thanksgiving Sale, with discounts on hundreds of flight simulator add-ons at up to 50%. We've listed those companies currently on sale, and more will be added as the week goes on.

    November 23, 2020, 4:16 pm

    UK2000 Releases Inverness 2020HD For MSFS

    UK2000 announces the release of Inverness 2020HD scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The scenery features full detail buildings, realistic ground marking, replacement MSFS 2020 airport base image, custom vehilces, static aircraft and more.

    November 23, 2020, 11:14 am

    Wing42 Bleriot XI Released For MSFS

    The latest add-on from Wing42 for Microsoft Flight Simulator warmly invites you to master the oldest airworthy airplane in the world: the Blériot XI. The type XI was the 11th machine constructed by French aviator Louis Blériot and it made its first flight at Issy-les-Moulineaux (near Paris) on January 23, 1909.

    November 22, 2020, 11:02 am

    Dreamflight Studios Releases Liberia International Airport MRLB

    Dreamflight Studios has just released Liberia International Airport MRLB for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Also known as Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport, this is the second busiest airport in Costa Rica and is a hub for tourism. The scenery includes the recent terminal expansion, PBR materials, sloped ground, animated jetways and many other features.

    November 22, 2020, 10:46 am

    Orbx - ESMS Malmo Airport

    Orbx announces that scenery developer Marcus Nyberg has completed his latest Swedish scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator with the release of ESMS Malmo Airport. While one of Sweden's busiest commercial airports, Malmo also features a second runway with adjacent aero clubs, almost like a separate GA field. The scenery features many MSFS 2020 native features.

    November 22, 2020, 10:32 am

    FlightControlReplay v4 Compatible With P3D v5.X

    Developer Fabio Merlo announces that his utility FlightControlReplay v4 is now compatible with Prepar3D v5. FCR is a utility that records and replays your flights. It already supported FSX and now that work on P3D v5 is complete it will also be expanded to support the new MSFS 2020.

    November 22, 2020, 9:06 am

    IndiaFoxtEcho Long-EZ For MSFS v1.10 Released

    IndiaFoxtEcho has released an updated v1.10 of theirLong-EZ for Microsoft Flight Simulator. With its unique look, the Long-EZ has been popular with home-builders for many years. The update includes a redone flight model to implement new canard settings, increased details, tweaks to performance and maneouverability, etc.

    November 21, 2020, 11:18 am

    REX 2020 Weather Force Technical Update 1.2 Released

    REX brings their advanced weather technology to MSFS 2020 with REX Weather Force 2020. This is a new METAR-based dynamic real-time weather engine that will let you experience automated, dynamic and smooth weather transitions. It also offers weather scenarios and other features. Technical Update 1.2 has just been released to resolve issues in the original version. It also adds four additional dynamic weather presets and support for Pilot2ATC.

    November 21, 2020, 11:08 am

    CentralSim - Aguadilla International Airport - TJBQ for MSFS

    CentralSim expands their range of Microsoft Flight Simulator scenery with the release of Aguadilla International Airport (TJBQ) in Puerto Rico. It features PBR textures, surrounding buildings, airport lighting, etc. MSFS 2020 pilots can now enjoy flying into Puerto Rico's second largest airport.

    November 21, 2020, 10:06 am

    ContrailSim – Seasonal Vegetation for MSFS

    New from ContrailSim is Seasonal Vegetation for MSFS. This new package for Microsoft Flight simulator will make the simulator even more beautiful and fitting with the current autumnal climate. It offers complete global coverage, with no impact on frame rates.

    November 20, 2020, 6:22 pm

    MSFS November 19th, 2020 Development Update

    The weekly Microsoft Flight Simulator Development Update has been released. News this week includes announcing EAA as part of the partnership series. Next week a new World Update (North America) will be released and there will be another Q&A session. There is also some advancement on the SDK.

    November 19, 2020, 6:59 pm

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