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    Knowing that you have two huge Rolls Royce engines strapped either side of where you are positioned in the cockpit is a tremendous feeling, and then you hear the bang of them trying to start and all of a sudden the goosebumps appear as you hear those beautiful engines crank and then enter a throbbing idle. I don't know what Rolls Royce did to produce such a magnificent sound but I take my hat off to them nonetheless.

    Once these beauties are up and running you hear a lovely hum as they are waiting to be unleashed, it's soothing and something I could listen to for hours. As you push the throttles forward, the engines really come alive, and this is when you don't only hear the engines but you feel them surging through you. Once they are at full throttle the roar they give is impressive, however, I was still left slightly disappointed. The recordings that have been used to generate the sounds are fine but a clear and obvious loop to the track can be heard, the engines roar and increase slightly in pitch but then instantly revert to a lower pitch, this is of course repeated every ten seconds or so, after a while it became a little annoying as it's not a smooth sound when a sudden change is heard, this takes away from what otherwise is a fabulous sound set inside.

    Another disappointment was that some of the animations didn't have any sounds. Opening and closing the crew access hatch for example was as quiet as a church mouse, if even present at all.

    Outside the aircraft is a completely different beast, everything sounds so perfect, so crisp. The thunder from the engines is magnified compared to that inside the cockpit as one would expect. As you move around the aircraft the sound will of course change in pitch and tone as it would in real life. The engine sounds fantastic even at idle, but you wouldn't expect anything else from Rolls Royce. The best part has been saved for last, pushing the throttles forward allowing the engines to really sing is a magical experience. There isn't anyone on this earth who can deny that listening to these beauties at full throttle isn't one of the greatest sounds ever made, and the developer has captured a really fantastic representation of this and has done it justice. The issue that can be heard inside with it looping is not present with the external sound thankfully. Overall the sound set included is really nice.


    Right out of the gate you notice that this lady is a real speed demon. She doesn't take long to get airborne and if you aren't careful you'll soon be whipping around at 240 kts in no time. It is worth mentioning that the manual provides recommended speeds for climb, cruise, etc.

    Just Flight - De Havilland Mosquito FB MK VI

    When I think of flying the Mossie, I think of famous war films such as "633 Squadron" or "Mosquito Squadron", where she is flown down low and fast, hugging the ground as you snake through valleys and over rivers/lakes. At low altitudes she handles really well, almost as agile as a fighter but slightly heavier on the controls. This is to be expected with being a larger aircraft than a Spitfire for example. There is no need to wrestle her, flying with two fingers is all you need to do since she is very responsive.

    Just Flight - De Havilland Mosquito FB MK VI

    As you climb out of the low level environment into your cruise back to base, she's so graceful, so smooth, and yet still manages to keep the speed up in the thinner air. Handling is a little more sluggish the higher you climb but at the higher altitude you're most likely to be in a more stable flight condition than that at low level but still there is an enormous sense of achievement that you are flying this wooden wonder.

    Flying the circuit, it's pretty straightforward since she's not difficult to handle, even at low speeds you shouldn't have any issues. I still found it challenging to land with a slight nose up attitude but I think that's more because I'm not used to flying taildraggers. Since there isn't any form of payload manager for bombs or ammunition, the only thing that will affect the performance of the aircraft is the quantity of fuel that you carry. Either way she's a dream to fly.

    Just Flight - De Havilland Mosquito FB MK VI

    Virtual Reality

    Virtual reality is tricky one to judge the aircraft on since it largely depends on the headset that the user has at their disposal. I use the Oculus Rift and found it to be a great experience. The text around the cockpit is clear and easy to read, whether that be the instruments or text on the panels.

    What I want from a product is a real sense of realism when I use it with VR. This is one of those products. I felt like I was really sitting in a Mosquito, everything felt a lot tighter in the cockpit when compared to the 2D feel of having just a monitor. This is where the detail that has been put into the cockpit such as the weathering effects goes a long way to fully immersing you within the aircraft.

    I didn't notice any performance drop in terms of FPS whilst using VR and overall the experience with it was sensational.


    If I had to summarize my experience with one word, it would be "sensational". Just Flight has done a fantastic job in bringing this aircraft to our simulator. The only real issue I found was with the sound as I talked about earlier, if this was fixed I don't think I could fault her. She is so much fun to fly and the immersion is fantastic particularly in VR. She's one that will remain on my flightline and not in the hangar. It would have been nice if a payload manager was included and if the ordnance had a weight value that affects the performance of the aircraft, however it is worth remembering that it's not a "study level" simulation of the aircraft and I like that I can just jump in and go.

    If warbirds are your thing then this should be in your library, she's fantastic and you won't be disappointed.

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    I would rate this product a solid 9/10.

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    1. AlyMac's Avatar
      AlyMac -
      I'll have this if its compatible with FS2020. FSX I have - right back to the first Flight Simulator but X-plane knocks FSX dead.
    1. kekeron's Avatar
      kekeron -
      mosquito most fast bomber in ww2
    1. Kukailimoku's Avatar
      Kukailimoku -
      9/10? Really? $38 bucks for a plane with no systems to manage and no load to manage? Nope...
    1. rooitou's Avatar
      rooitou -
      Quote Originally Posted by Kukailimoku View Post
      9/10? Really? $38 bucks for a plane with no systems to manage and no load to manage? Nope...
      Agreed. This is an iconic plane and one I would dearly like to have, but that price is too steep for me. I'm also not too happy about reading about the underwhelming and looping sound in the cockpit and quite perplexed as to why developers so often neglect sounds in their aircraft? I think the list price should be $20-24 and then I'll buy it at 40% discount.
    1. RayH's Avatar
      RayH -
      Needs a texture for the prototype at the De Havilland museum :https://warbirdtails.files.wordpress...0&h=312&crop=1
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