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    Entering the cockpit you're torn as to whether you have entered a fighter or a bomber. The tight cockpit indicates a fighter but the sight of the two huge Rolls Royce Engines either side of the pilot tells a different story. Visibility out of "the office" is good, you are seated in what can only be described as a greenhouse like cage, however it is a fantastic view through windowed sections. Looking forward whilst on the ground nothing but the sky can be seen, this makes it necessary to "snake" down the taxiway before you get airborne.

    Just Flight - De Havilland Mosquito FB MK VI

    Texturing within the cockpit is fantastic, the usual aesthetics of wear and tear provided by Just Flight can be seen giving a really pleasant and natural look of realism. The texturing and animation of the gauges and instruments is nice and smooth, everything appears to be clear and easy to read, there is however no shake or vibration effects on them which would have been a nice little touch since the mighty Rolls Royce engines make the body tremble from their power, let alone the airframe they're attached too. Animations of the windows and access door can be observed from inside also.

    Included are several different viewpoints around the cockpit which allows you see a few things that are nestled away, such as the nav and radio stack behind the navigator's seat. There is also a single pop-up panel included which allows you to toggle certain things such as removable pilot/navigator, engine panel removal and a view point adjustment tool. No default pop-up GPS is included, this isn't a massive issue but some people would have liked one if they just wanted to go for a jolly around the skies rather than trying to navigate properly.

    It would be fair to say that the aircraft has been modelled in the "Lite" category given that you can start her up with the easy "Ctrl+E" and systems don't need to be managed. However, this does not mean that there is no system integration into the aircraft. What appears to be a basic electrical system is present along with fuel and hydraulics, but as I mentioned above, managing them doesn't seem to be required.

    Just Flight - De Havilland Mosquito FB MK VI cockpit at night

    The night lighting inside the cockpit gives the feel of a "war-time" environment with a dangerous yet warming red glow over the instruments, something that I am sure many felt during operations. Instruments and gauges are still easy to read, due to the subtle glow of the lighting and you aren't blinded when you look outside the cockpit as a result.

    Overall the immersion visually from the cockpit is amazing.External

    Viewing this creation from outside will give you goosebumps, she looks mean and aggressive with the machine guns stabbing through the nose, yet sleek and speedy when viewed from a rear position. The size of the engines compared to the rest of the aircraft tells a story that you are about to embark on something quite special and you need to be prepared.

    Just Flight - De Havilland Mosquito FB MK VI

    Modelling of the aircraft is fantastic, a high level of detail has been undertaken to ensure that she looks right, the smooth curves that she has is certainly pleasing on the eye, coupled with the details of the wheel wells, bomb bays and engines gives for a beautiful looking lady. Viewing the aircraft you can see that she is unique being made from wood, ribs and spars can be observed when viewed from certain angles.

    Just Flight - De Havilland Mosquito FB MK VI

    The aircraft ships with seven highly detailed textures from various air forces and units as well as a factory fresh livery. Textures come with a nice weathered look, details that make you believe you are in the presence of a true workhorse. The model does feature what appears to be bump mapping, however no PBR textures are included due to her being built before PBR was present in our simulation.

    Just Flight - De Havilland Mosquito FB MK VI

    The "Mossie" comes with all kinds of external animations, some are more than you would have thought should ever be included in a simulated aircraft, but boy, I'm so pleased that they did take the detailing to the next level. Having the ability to actually remove panels for the engines and guns is really nice. This gives you a glimpse of what she could have looked like during her time at the sharp end of operational service, when engineers would be frantically trying to get her back in the air for the next Op. She also comes with a nice gun effect that can be activated by pressing "I" allowing you to "pretend" you're strafing something. Bombs are nestled nicely inside the bomb bay and have a nice animation that allows them to be dropped, however they don't affect the weight of the aircraft from what I could tell.

    Just Flight - De Havilland Mosquito FB MK VI

    1. AlyMac's Avatar
      AlyMac -
      I'll have this if its compatible with FS2020. FSX I have - right back to the first Flight Simulator but X-plane knocks FSX dead.
    1. kekeron's Avatar
      kekeron -
      mosquito most fast bomber in ww2
    1. Kukailimoku's Avatar
      Kukailimoku -
      9/10? Really? $38 bucks for a plane with no systems to manage and no load to manage? Nope...
    1. rooitou's Avatar
      rooitou -
      Quote Originally Posted by Kukailimoku View Post
      9/10? Really? $38 bucks for a plane with no systems to manage and no load to manage? Nope...
      Agreed. This is an iconic plane and one I would dearly like to have, but that price is too steep for me. I'm also not too happy about reading about the underwhelming and looping sound in the cockpit and quite perplexed as to why developers so often neglect sounds in their aircraft? I think the list price should be $20-24 and then I'll buy it at 40% discount.
    1. RayH's Avatar
      RayH -
      Needs a texture for the prototype at the De Havilland museum :https://warbirdtails.files.wordpress...0&h=312&crop=1
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