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    Aerosoft - Mega Airport Zurich Professional v2


    Hello there everyone, my name is MrYorkiesWorld, and this is going to be my review of Aerosoft's Mega Airport Zurich v2 Professional for P3D V4 and P3D V5. I'm extremely excited to be giving this product a review, and I'd like to thank my good friend Dom Smith from FlightSim.Com for giving me the chance to check this scenery out.

    Zurich Airport (ICAO: LSZH) is Switzerland's largest airport, serving the city of Zurich, and most of the country itself. It's always been an airport I wanted to visit in real life, and certainly one I've been looking forward to testing out inside the simulator.

    Simulator Compatibility

    As the "Professional" in the title suggests, this scenery is compatible with both P3D V4 and P3D V5, and the buildings and some other parts of the scenery have been optimized for P3D V4.

    Addon Compatibility

    For those of you who have Orbx scenery installed and traffic add-ons etc. this scenery should work great for you. Personally, I've been using Orbx FTX Global, Open LC Europe and Orbx Trees HD. I also use add-ons such as Ultimate Traffic Live and Pro ATC X, all of which have had no issues in terms of functionality or recognising taxiways, gates etc. for this scenery.

    The scenery also comes with its own config tools which allow you to further customize things to work well with the add-ons and setup that you have.


    As expected with most Aerosoft products, this scenery was very quick and easy to install, taking around five minutes or so. This will be dependant on your system specs, however.

    You're asked for your email address along with the serial number you got when you purchased the scenery, and that's literally just about it - nothing too strenuous involved which is always nice to see with any scenery.

    In my case, the process of installing the scenery also involves updating the scenery data for my add-ons such as Pro ATC X and Aivlasoft's EFB V2, which I'd highly recommend you do if you own these products because it will help to make sure everything works in harmony as it should.

    First Impressions

    After initially installing the scenery into the sim, I went through the usual process of loading up the sim and checking the scenery out. I noticed all the runways were there, and they are correctly numbered as they should be, and the ground and terminal textures look very crisp and sharp.

    A lot of attention has been given to the ground markings such as taxiways and signage, and even the runway textures look amazing which is something you don't always get with scenery from other developers. I was sort of expecting to see great buildings and ground textures, but poor runway ones, so this was a nice surprise as ever from Aerosoft.

    The terminal building is very well designed, and the jetways look nicely modelled. The apron area also seems to be really high quality with plenty of static and animated vehicles driving around and adding to the realism.

    Aerosoft - Mega Airport Zurich Professional v2

    Night Lighting

    Night lighting is an important part of any scenery in the simulator. For me personally, I don't do many night flights, but when I do occasionally decide to do one, I like to see a well-lit airport with realistic night lighting.

    I was quite impressed with how well this scenery actually looks at night time. A lot of sceneries from different developers struggles to capture the right balance, but Aerosoft seem to have done it pretty well.

    As you can see from the screen shot above, the textures still look quite detailed and don't lose a lot of their quality. This is something you might find with certain scenery items where the textures have more of a grainy effect happening at night, and I'm happy to say this particular scenery doesn't have this issue.

    Although you don't get the grainy textures as much here, I have noticed the coloring of the ground textures seems a little off at night. Maybe this is just me or my setup, but I don't think it really affects the scenery in a negative enough way that I'd be put off buying it.


    Performance is actually really good. I noticed in the daytime I'm getting a good, smooth experience with around 45 - 55 fps, and that's taking into consideration the fact that I use Ultimate Traffic Live, as well as several other add-ons such as the PMDG 747. Outside the virtual cockpit I usually get 60 fps, but this is completely normal in even the most complex airport scenery if you're not in the virtual cockpit view.

    Performance at night time might drop a little, but that can be expected due to the way P3D works with dynamic lighting, etc. I don't tend to do much flying at night as a rule, so this isn't something that really bothered me overall.

    Aerosoft - Mega Airport Zurich Professional v2


    As mentioned earlier, the textures and models in this scenery look really good. They've been optimized for P3D V4, which has then been carried over to P3D V5 as well, and everything looks really nice and crisp.

    Daytime textures look fantastic, and night time ones have the small issue I mentioned earlier with the color looking a little off, but again, that could just be my personal setup and opinion. I don't think its worth complaining about too much as it doesn't affect the usability of the airport itself in the simulator.

    Bugs / Issues

    One of the issues I did notice, which might not even be down to the scenery itself, is the accuracy of the ILS frequencies. I compared them with the real-world frequencies for one or two of the runways after encountering some issues with an ILS approach in the 747, and noticed some discrepancies, however with any scenery I think its perfectly acceptable for there to be one or two imperfections, and again, these might even be down to something else in my setup, and not the actual scenery at all.

    Final Verdict / Pricing

    So altogether I'm extremely impressed with this scenery. It looks good, performs well and seems pretty close to the real thing overall, and I really enjoyed taking my own custom livery over to Zurich to explore this airport and its surrounding areas virtually.

    I'd highly recommend the scenery to anyone who, like me, wants something new in their simulator, and wants an accurate and realistic rendition of Switzerland's largest airport!

    If you want to pick up this scenery, the price at the FlightSim.Com Store is currently $29.95 (around £23.67) which I think is a really reasonable price for what you get.

    Finally, thanks again to my friends over at FlightSim.Com for providing this scenery for a review!

    Purchase Aerosoft - Mega Airport Zurich Professional v2


    Purchase Aerosoft - Mega Airport Zurich Professional v2

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