• Microsoft Flight Simulator July 2nd, 2020 Development Update

    Microsoft Flight Simulator July 2nd, 2020 Development Update

    Alpha 5 Is Coming July 9th

    The team is finalizing preparations for releasing Alpha 5 on July 9th.

    Full build notes will be posted with the release.

    Closed Beta Coming Soon

    We are still on track to release the Closed Beta in late July.

    Once Alpha 5 has been released, the team will begin preparing Closed Beta for release.

    Targeting 07.09 to provide an official release date for Closed Beta.

    Alpha Invitations

    New invitations have been sent!

    Partnership Series Update - Introducing FlightAware

    What is FlightAware?

    We’re an aviation intelligence company that provides real-time and predictive flight insights to all the biggest players in aviation. We synthesize data from thousands of sources across the globe and our team of amazing engineers layer on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to give the most accurate predictions on where a flight is and where it’s going.

    Our data is used everywhere from Google flight statuses, airport notification boards, airline systems managing gate flows, individual pilots sharing their private flights, to the millions of travelers and their friends and families checking out our web and mobile apps to get info on their flight. Now, our data stream called Firehose is going to power the real-time, global traffic in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 so that while you’re using the sim, you can see planes near you in real life.

    "Microsoft Flight Simulation’s team is fully dedicated to bring to simmers the most accurate replica of the world ever seen from a plane perspective. Thanks to FlightAware data, we are thrilled to be able to populate this world with the actual aviation traffic all around the world, whether it be on ground or in the air. Out of the box, Flight Aware data will allow simmers to fly sharing their air space with the current air traffic but also to check arrivals and departure from airports, select any flight to see its fly plan and even have the possibility to, virtually of course, take controls."

    – Jorg Neumann Head of Microsoft Flight Simulator


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    1. StymieHo682's Avatar
      StymieHo682 -
      Am I reading this right? What we all called AI flights will now be bassd on real-world live traffic data?
    1. FlyerDoc's Avatar
      FlyerDoc -
      ....and will this be part of the deal, or a paid-for add-on?
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